Elections: What Comes Next?

It’s over, it’s finally over! Your new Sabbatical Officers and part time positions have been elected, but now the question arises – what happens next? Well, here’s a timeline of how the next few months will look for your new Sabbatical Officers.

28 February 2018

This was the big moment, the official announcement. You saw them nominate, you saw them campaign, and then you saw them win, in all their glory. It’s an exciting time for most, with emotions running high, so whilst they don’t start the job straight away, each of them know that over the next year they’ll be working together on a fair few projects. Here’s hoping there were no rivalries over the campaign period….

End of June/Start of July

This is when we’ll start taking your Sabbatical Officers and training them up to be the big, strong fighting forces of Royal Holloway. They’ll be given two weeks of intense training, where they’ll learn all about the SU and how it works, about campaigning, about policy, and also about themselves. Think team building, trust exercises, and all the worst nightmares of a 40 something middle manager. Except they love it. They always do.

9 July to 13 July

Graduation will likely be their first public appearance to the student body. They’ll get to dress up all fancy and watch our lovely final year students graduate (and likely graduate themselves).

End of July 

Since we start planning our year over the summer, the Sabbs will be heavily involved in figuring out how our annual plan will be formed, and how the next academic year will look. Campaigns, events nights, socs, and sports planning, it’s all in there.


It’s training time again! But not by us this time, by the NUS themselves, the big dogs of student representation. They’ll be showing your Sabbs their role in the wider picture of higher education, how they’ll be representing you nationally, and how theirs, and your voices get amplified on a national scale.


This is where the Sabbs will be really firming up their campaigns – deciding on their priorities, coordinating with staff, and figuring out how and what they’ll be doing over the next year. It’s a lot of planning, and a lot of meetings, but by the end, we’ll have some fantastic campaigns to show off to you all!

September and Beyond

Once summer is over and the new academic year starts, your Sabbs will be super busy. Campaigning, attending meetings, representing you in the college, giving talks, advising on papers, there’s no rest for the wicked, and there’s certainly no rest for your officers.