Freshers' Ball Secret Acts Revealed

Yes, the rumours are true, we've been planning two secret acts to perform at this year's Freshers' Ball.

Back once again to bring his unique live show to Royal Holloway, we're excited to announce that international live DJ, AFISHALwill be joining headline act Philip George on stage. He is known for his innovative DJ drumming rig and pioneering how DJs perform as we know it. Anticipate an incredible, flashy visual performance with all the best club tunes!

We're not done yet - Royal Holloway's infamous party-makers, SOAP, will also be bringing you a wild and fantastical experience, boasting confetti, decorations and colourful themes. 

With wristband sales selling like hot cakes, we recommend you purchase one before it's too late! Alternatively, individual ticket sales will go live from Monday 17 September at 9am. You can read more about the secret guests below.


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When your normal DJ would just press play, AFISHAL plays every single note live! Remixing both audio and visuals on the spot, producing the most incredible live show. His Visual DJ Show is revolutionising the EDM scene already racking up millions of views on YouTube.

The AFISHAL DJ Drums are the original and currently the only DJ Drums in the world. They give AFISHAL the ability to remix and perform music live, in the most visual and energetic way ever seen on stage. AFISHAL takes over from your DJ and performs his own remixes of commercial dance tracks with big EDM drops, playing every part of his remixes live.

When he strikes each pad it lights up and triggers a pre-programmed sound and graphic. The music you can hear is reflected in the mesmerising visual show produced by AFISHAL. Allowing audiences to not only hear the music, but actually see it being created and performed in front of their eyes.



The design of this visual DJ rig alone is securing AFISHAL headline slots at Tech Festival’s across Asia and features on TV shows around the world including The Gadget Show Live here in the UK. Although he’s a London-based Artist, that hasn’t stopped him performing main stage at festivals and clubs across five continents. He’s produced shows for huge corporate events filling arenas worldwide and gained a big celebrity following in the process. You’ll also find him at private parties for the likes of Beyoncé, Man United and the England Rugby team, even Prince Harry got his phone out to film the show. AFISHAL is pioneering a new visual way to DJ and making a big name for himself in the process.


Trusted by many for their high-quality and unpredictable themed Friday nights at the Students’ Union, SOAP will take over the Freshers' Ball stage with their creative flair, guaranteeing you an immersive and cinematic party experience!

You’ve already seen what SOAP deliver this year with their banging club nights filled with eccentricities such as McFlurry giveaways, gunge tanks and confetti cannons galore. Expect more of the same as they drop anthem after anthem that’ll have you dancing all night long.