Gamesoc Live: A 24 Hour Charity Event

From Saturday 30 March at 16:00 to Sunday 31 March at 17:00 (thanks to daylight savings), the Royal Holloway Games Society is running Gamesoc Live, a 24 hour livestreamed charity event hosted physically in Medicine and online on

What will happen at GameSoc Live?

We will be playing an assortment of games ranging from party video games, such as Jackbox Party Pack and Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes!, to deceitful board games, such as One Night Ultimate Werewolf. We will also be running an open casual tournament of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, a raffle to win some amazing games and collaborations with the Royal Holloway Players for a spectacular segment of Role-Playing Games. Meanwhile, you have the opportunity to join them for as much of the 24 hours as you want in Medicine, where they will be bringing a huge variety of board, card and video games for you to play, and all you need to enter is to donate any amount of money to Special Effect, either online or on the door.

What is Special Effect?

Special Effect is a charity that helps people with disabilities improve their quality of life by developing technology to allow them to play games that they would not otherwise have access to. With a range of accessible gaming equipment, such as modified game controllers and eye-control systems, Special Effect helps people over the country by adapting their equipment to find the best solution for each person and disability. One person Special Effect were able to help was a boy named Ben, who has spinal muscular atrophy, which means that his muscles are weakened. They were able to add Bluetooth to his wheelchair’s joystick to connect it to a laptop and rig a selection of light-touch switches for his fingers, which were then connected to a PlayStation. Now, he can play games like FIFA, Gran Turismo and Minecraft, giving him ways to interact and spend time with friends and family in ways that were previously unthinkable to him!

It’s going to be a spectacular event, so come along, check it out, and let’s raise some money for a great cause!

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