Get Involved: Careers Online Consultation

After a lot of in-depth research on the careers support offered at Royal Holloway, President Jack O'Neill is very excited to put forward the proposed recommendations for change, and asks that you get involved and provide some feedback!

For pretty much the whole of this academic year, I have been banging on about the careers support offered here at Royal Holloway. Over this period, we have conducted in-depth external research, held consultation drop-ins, led surveys and had many discussions with you all – in fact, just under 1500 of you have directly engaged in this project!

I am now incredibly excited to put forward the proposed recommendations for change for this project, which you can see below!

Proposed recommendations

Supporting your career should be one of the primary aims of everyone at Royal Holloway (in the University and in the Students’ Union). This means that the support should adapt to changing needs and should be really pushing the traditional limits to provide you with a unique, accessible, personal, and effective experience of support.

What’s next?

In order to ensure that we are on the right path and tackling the issues that you really prioritise, I want to give you a final opportunity to check that we have done the right job!

For the next week, there is an open consultation on these recommendations. They have been developed by cross-referencing activity going on in the sector with your direct feedback and responses, and they have been informed and deliberated by you.

This piece of work, like all our policy inquiries, seeks to gain student insight, inspired by your student voice so we can fully represent your student interests.

I would now like to ask from you that you please let me know your thoughts – if we have something that you don’t quite understand, if we have something that you think needs adding to, if we have something that should be of the highest priority, or if we have missed something entirely, make sure provide feedback below.

Give feedback

Jack O'Neill // President