Get Your Voice Heard: Advisory and Wellbeing Teams

After a lot of hard work, VP Welfare and Diversity Lucy Simpson is excited to let you know how you can have a say in the work carried out by the Student Advisory & Wellbeing teams at Royal Holloway to help improve your experience!

When I ran to be a Sabbatical Officer, one of my main concerns was ensuring that students' voices feed directly into the work that is carried out by the Student Advisory & Wellbeing teams (DDS, Wellbeing, Counselling, International support and Financial Wellbeing).

This was something that hadn’t occurred in a long time, therefore it was tough for the staff to know what was going well and what wasn’t. This problem also caused a fair amount of discontent amongst the service users. With this problem in mind, as part of my manifesto, I made it a priority to set up an online system of feedback that could be used to shape those services.

During the first term, I worked with staff to develop an appropriate feedback system that is accessible to all students and allows everyone’s voices to be heard. Whether you want to make a complaint or let them know that they’ve done a really good job, you can now have your voice heard directly!

Why was this my priority?

Every year, the Vice President Welfare and Diversity receives a number of complaints about the advisory services, which is then fed back to the staff. However, this process meant that not everyone was having their voices heard and only those people who knew the VP would have their issues resolved.

I realised that it would be more effective to take out the middle man and provide everyone with an accessible method to relay feedback to the team. This method is also a more sustainable way of delivering feedback and this is a system which will outlive my time in the office!

How can I give feedback?

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Lucy Simpson // Vice President Welfare & Diversity