Give It A Go: Introducing The Buddy Scheme

Meeting new people is easier said than done, especially if you're travelling solo to an entirely new place. That's why we're introducing the Buddy Scheme!

Our Give It A Go programme is host to tons of wonderful events each term that hundreds of students get involved with. Some of these include Pets as Therapy, where you can come to the SU and chill with some fluffy doggos, the famous Crafternoons, which are a great way to get creative with your friends, or our day trips to some beautiful places in the UK, to give you the opportunity to explore the country you live in. 

While it's easy to meet new people and make great friends during most of these events, an entire day trip outside of London might feel a bit daunting if you're travelling solo. So that's why we're introducing the Buddy Scheme! 

Tell me more 

If you'd like to come to one of our day trips but you don't really want to do so by yourself, you'll be able to fill out a form to request a 'buddy'. In this form you'll give us some info about yourself and where we can, we'll match people together and share your details with your match, so that you can get in touch before the event. 

With such a big campus and so many people around, it's very likely that you'd get along with a lot more people than you can think of, but this is quite hard if you live in completely different parts of campus and don't go to the same lectures - your paths might never even cross. With the Buddy Scheme, you'll be able to meet new people that you might have a lot in common with, while discovering an entirely new city. 

And, who knows? You might end up being friends for life!

How Do I Get Involved? 

It's so simple! Find a day trip (or trips) you'd like to go to and press the 'Find a buddy' button - this will redirect you to the request form and all you'll have to do is fill it up! If you already know the trips you want to go to, then you can complete the form in the button below. 

Find a buddy

Our next trip coming up this weekend is to Warwick Castle - a place packed with history where you'll have the day to go and explore the impressive attractions, shows and surroundings.

Safe travels!