Introducing The 'You're Valued' Awards

Here at the Students’ Union we’re all about recognising the amazing work that people do across the College every day. From that lecturer who records all of their content through lecture capture, to the Estates team making campus look amazing for the ‘gram – there are some amazing people who contribute to making your time here the very best that it can be.

That’s why we’re super excited to be launching the You’re Valued awards.

What's this all about?

You’re Valued is a year round reward scheme that allows you to celebrate the work of all the staff who work within the College. These awards will be your way of thanking people who consistently go above and beyond to make your life better at Royal Holloway and to embody the values that we and the College promote. And the best bit? We don’t have a limit for the amount we can give out! So you can nominate over and over and you can hand out these awards like Oprah hands out cars.

The You’re Valued awards allow any student to nominate any staff member within the College. The recipients of the awards will receive a fancy certificate and a cool mug to say thank you for making such an impact on student life.

To ensure that the nomination process is as simple and transparent as possible, there is one criterion for the nominations:

All nominations must clearly demonstrate that the actions of the nominee have made a positive impact on student life at Royal Holloway, University of London and, in doing so, has embodied the values of RHSU and RHUL.

I’m in, what do I need to do?

First things first, you need to think of someone to nominate. This could be the bus driver who, despite all the traffic on the A30, is always on time, to a workshop leader who makes time for you even though they’re submitting their PhD soon.

Once you’ve decided who deserves this appreciation, it’s time to submit your nomination. This is the simple bit, all you have to do is head to the You’re Valued page on our website or hit the link below and follow the simple steps to nominate.

I know someone worthy!

How do I write the best nomination?

It’s not about the amount of nominations – it’s all about the quality. None of that one line rubbish, we want poetry.

Just kidding. Kind of.

When you’re writing your submission, answering some of the questions below may help to make sure your nomination stands out:

  • What did the person do to warrant getting one of our coveted mugs of appreciation?
  • How has this impacted you/others?
  • What values have they displayed?
  • How have they impacted you and your experience?

How do you decide who gets awarded?

Once the Student Voice team have received your nomination, your Education Council committee will review it against the criteria. The awarding will be based on the quality of submission rather than the quantity.

There’s a few things that we will do to ensure that the nominations come from the heart – you can check out the nitty gritty of the process here.

Cool, so how does the person I nominate get their swag?

This is the fun bit - you get to choose!

  1. You can deliver the award. You’ll work with the Student Voice Team to organise a time that works for you (and to make sure that the person you have nominated is actually around) and then, we’ll surprise them!
  2. We’ll deliver the award for you. One of our Sabbatical Officers will deliver the award on your behalf when the person is on campus.

So, go! Nominate some awesome people below and we can start to spread the love across campus after the Easter break.

Submit a nomination