NSS Referendum Result

With the 24 hours of voting over, the referendum on the Students’ Union’s relationship with the National Student Survey has come to a close. We asked you whether “The Students’ Union should actively encourage students of Royal Holloway to complete the National Student Survey. Yes or no?

Voting lasted for 24 hours from 10am on 16 January with the polls closing this morning. Since then the Deputy Returning Officer has verified the official count and we can announce that the motion carried with 165 yes votes - this means the Students’ Union will officially encourage Royal Holloway students to complete the National Student Survey. With this in mind, the boycott which passed in our previous referendum is now rendered null and void.

The conversations we had with students were extremely productive, and after chatting to hundreds of students all over campus, it’s clear that Royal Holloway Students are passionate about national conversations around higher education.

A total of 269 students voted, with the breakdown as follows:

Yes: 165

No: 96

Abstain: 8

A huge thank you to everyone who voted – it’s fantastic to see people engage with these issues, and a thank you also to those who put up with SU Staff Members accosting them in the library, at the SU, or outside in the bitter cold. If you have any questions about the referendum, please email, and we will attempt to address any concerns you may have.

If you’re interested in our democratic structure or like the idea of running your own campaigns, why not nominate yourself for the elections?

Or perhaps you’re interested in higher education? In which case, come along to Course Rep Conference next Wednesday 24 January.

So without further ado, go and fill out the NSS!