News Dump: SU Toilets Refurb Confirmed

Urine for a real treat when you return to campus in September. We've already announced exciting works for Medicine and Tommy’s Kitchen, but now it's time for us to lift the lid on the big one: Our toilets are getting a refurb!

As we show on our Value For Money website, all the money our trading operation takes is spent back on students, and this summer we’re delighted to say we’ll be refurbishing the toilets. Can I get a poop poop - I mean woop woop!

On a serious note, we have trawled through your Rate Your Union feedback and one of the standout complaints was with regards to the cleanliness of our venues, and in particular our hideous bogs. Quite frankly, we agree with you - the toilets are minging and in much need of a good old spruce up.

What will the refurb entail?

  • The upstairs gender neutral toilets will be turned into full floor to ceiling cubicles, replacing the current fittings and ensuring they are true gender neutral facilities.
  • In Tommy’s Kitchen, the middle toilet will be converted into a fully accessible gender neutral toilet to serve downstairs.  It will also be significantly upgraded.
  • All the downstairs toilets will be upgraded with new wash basins, better seats and more robust cubicles.

It's going to be a real summer of change at the SU, and we can't wait to see our sparkly new toilets! We hope you're as buzzing as we are at the news - peeing will never be the same again!