PGR Student Experience: Next Steps

The PGR Student Experience survey is now closed, and after collecting all of your feedback, President Jack O'Neill has some exciting news about the next steps.

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The PGR Survey is now closed, and we have some exciting news to share with you about our next steps.

Throughout this policy inquiry, I have been saying how Students’ Unions across the country have historically struggled to engage with PGR students, and I really wasn’t over exaggerating. At Royal Holloway, we could probably count on one hand the amount of PGR students that we have engaged with over the past few years, and that’s why this work is so crucial.

Now, we are really happy to be able to say that since September, we have interacted with over 200 PGR students ranging from focus groups and one-to-one interviews, to this survey. This means that we now have lots of data to analyse so that we can determine which areas we need to be focusing on.

Next Steps

We now have the task of combining the research that we have already undertaken, helpfully detailed in our Briefing Document, with all of these responses. Once this has been done, we are going to be consulting with the PGR Collective, the elected student representatives of the PGR community, to detail recommendations and begin drafting the report. You can join the Collective below!

Join the PGR Collective

Thank you

In addition to contributing to our understanding of the PGR Community at Royal Holloway, the survey also involved some prizes to be won! The randomly selected respondents drawn to win the prizes have all been contacted, so please do check your emails.

For everyone that filled out the survey, thank you very much – the more information we can gather from you all, the more that we can detail in the report to improve your experience here.

Jack O'Neill // President