Police Operation At The Students’ Union

At our request, the Police have tonight carried out an operation at our event, Escape: Exams, with the aim of stopping banned and restricted substances from being brought into the Students’ Union Venue.

This follows on from the launch of Spiked in term two; a campaign designed to end drink spiking on campus. As part of our campaign launch we stated that we would be collaborating closely with the University and the Police while elevating our security protocol and this joint operation is a culmination of that work.

Having your back and ensuring that you can safely attend events in our venues is a top priority for us. A key requirement of our licensing agreement is that we allow access to the Police for these operations to take place and we want to thank everyone who attended tonight’s event for your understanding and patience while search operations were taking place.

Being Safe At Our Events

Your safety is our number one priority and we will be continuing with our Spiked campaign throughout the remainder of the Summer Term. This will include our increased security presence and the ability to get free spikeys for your drinks from the bar.

Please report any incidents or suspicious activity in our venues to a member of our security/bar team who will be able to assist you. For any incidents that you wish to report post-event, please email venues@su.rhul.ac.uk so that we can investigate.

Enjoy your night, have fun, but most importantly, stay safe.