SU Elections Candidates 2018

We're very happy to announce the candidates running in this year's SU Elections! Candidate manifestos are now LIVE. You can read all of the manifestos here.


  • Clem Jones
  • Thomas Franklin
  • Laurence Smither
  • Tressa Belesi
  • Yunfei Li
  • Yousuf Shahid

Vice President Education

  • Hanna Blom
  • Jack O'Neill
  • James Ansorg

Vice President Welfare and Diversity

  • Megan Adela Goh
  • Alicia Marriott
  • Phoebe Hughes
  • Hanan Isaaq
  • Alex Poole
  • James Kempster
  • Willow Wong

Vice President Sport

  • Dominic Brown
  • Elizabeth Silverberg
  • Georgina Cole

Vice President Societies and Media

  • Cassie Boyce
  • Holly Hughes
  • Daniela Rubi Sanchez Rios

College Council Representative

  • Chaudhry Jehangir Hammad
  • Willow Wong

Student Trustee

  • Priyanga Sivagnanam
  • Marco Benedettelli
  • Jordan Robins

NUS Delegate

  • Willow Wong
  • James Ansorg


Every position within the election also has a candidate listed as re-open nominations, or R.O.N. for short. This role is a way for you to declare that you don't feel any of the candidates would be fit for office and you instead feel nominations should be re-opened at a later date to allow new candidates to come forward.

Candidate Question Time

Meet the candidates running in the SU Elections 2018 at Candidate Question Time on Thursday 22 February. This is your chance to hear from them; what their ideas are, how they will represent you and what their priorities are.

Got a burning question for one of our candidates? Something you’d like to see changed? You’ll get the chance to put our candidates through their paces as they battle it out for your vote.