Statement Regarding Flawless ft. EO

Shortly after midnight last night a speaker within the Tommy’s Kitchen DJ setup failed, igniting a small electrical fire. Upon discovery, the fire was quickly extinguished and the venue’s emergency protocols were activated which led to a safe evacuation of the venue with no injuries to customers.

Due to the nature of the incident, all power to Tommy’s Kitchen was disabled and students were held outside the venue until the point where the fire brigade were happy to agree and approve for this to be restored and the venue reopened. This approval was given at 01:00, at which point students were re-admitted within ten minutes, with EO’s set taking place shortly after this.

The Students’ Union wants to thank all attendees for their co-operation and understanding during this incident, your behaviour was exemplary and helped ensure that the remainder of the night was a success.

Lost Property/Cloakroom Collections

If you lost any property during the evacuation this will be available for collection from the Union Helpdesk today.