Student Group By-Elections: The Results

We can now reveal the results of our Student Group By-Elections, with 81 more students elected to committee positions within our sports clubs, societies and media outlets!

After electing 522 candidates earlier this month in our original Group Elections, we went back to the polls to fill up positions that were still vacant. You turned out in your masses to engage and take the total number of successfully elected committee members to 603. We would like to take this chance to thank all of the nominees, campaigners, and voters, who helped to make this year's elections process such a success.

The full list of post winners can be downloaded below.

Download Results

Student Opportunities Training Conference

Congratulations to everyone who has successfully been elected for a committee position - you can now look forward to our Student Opportunities Training Conference on Tuesday 5 June. You will meet our fantastic SU staff team, learn more about your role, and take part in a number of sessions that will prepare you for a successful year.

Student Opportunities Committee

During Student Opportunities Training Conference, we will also be electing our Student Opportunities Committee - a group of students elected by society and club committees to represent the different collections of student groups. They act as a link between student groups and the Students’ Union, offering peer-to-peer support and guidance to committees, as well as forming the group that ratifies new student groups.

Positions can be held by any member of a student group, not just by committee members.

The positions being elected are:

  • Chair
  • Academic and Departmental Societies Rep
  • Activity and Interest Societies Rep
  • Creative Arts Societies Rep
  • Faith and Culture Societies Rep
  • Political and Ideological Societies Rep
  • BUCS & LUSL Clubs Rep
  • External Competitions (Indoor) Clubs Rep
  • External Competitions (Outdoor) Clubs Rep
  • Martial Arts Rep

If you are interested in running for a position and would like more information, please get in touch with Pippa Gentry,, or Steff Milne,

Final word from Student Opps

From all of the Student Opportunities team, congratulations once again to all those successfully elected - we can’t wait to work with you and look forward to meeting you all at Student Opportunities Training Conference. See you soon!