Student Opportunities Committee Elections: The Results

Every year at the annual Student Opportunities Training Conference we elect the Student Opportunities Committee for the following year. These student volunteers play a vital role in the support we offer student groups and will be helping to ensure that student and group opinions are represented in key decisions and ratifications throughout the year. Each category of student group is represented to ensure that Student Opportunities Committee is a place where everyone’s voice is heard.

We are excited that we are now able to announce the Student Opportunities Committee for 2018/19. A huge thank you to everyone who ran, you all gave fantastic speeches filled with great ideas on what you could offer to the role.

Without further ado, the successful candidates for each role are as follows:

  • Chair – Rebecca Walsh
  • Activity and Interest Rep – Thomas Barrett
  • Academic and Departmental Rep – Oliver Snelgrove
  • Creative Arts Rep – Sophie Bolton
  • Faith and Culture Rep – Jordan Thorne
  • Political and Ideological Rep -  Nissie Grace Mbenza
  • BUCS and LUSL Rep – Eddie Kelsey
  • External Competitions (Indoor) Rep – Katrina Rutins
  • External Competitions (Outdoor) Rep – Arian Mani
  • Martial Arts Rep – Jack Wright

Well done to everyone elected, we are very excited to work with you next year!