Summer Elections Results 2024

The waiting is over, it's time to find out who has been elected as your new student group committee members, SSO Executive Members, Community Officers, and LSS School Rep.

summer elections
Summer Elections,

Over the last three days, you've been voting to elect students in several important positions across the Students' Union. The waiting is over and it's time to find out who has been elected as your new SSO Executive Members, Community Officers, and LSS School Rep.

This year, 1364 individual voters cast a total of 16,076 votes across our Summer Elections and Incorporation Referendum. Thanks to everyone who had their say!

Student Group Elections

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A massive congratulations to everyone who has successfully been elected - and for those who were unsuccessful this time around, don't be too disheartened! Running in any kind of election is a daunting experience and something you should be proud of yourself for doing, no matter what the result was. The process will give you invaluable experiences that you can use in a CV or job interview. A lot of our groups also don’t fill all of the committee positions that went out, and these will need to be filled, and there's always next year’s elections so there are still plenty more opportunities for you to get involved!

If your group has unfilled committee positions, try not to worry! You can view the unfilled positions below and the Student Opportunities team will reach out soon to discuss the next steps.

Unfilled positions

I have been elected, what are the next steps?

Firstly, well done! Newly elected committee members will receive an email with more specific information, so keep an eye on your inbox for that. The most important step though is our Student Group Training. We run a wide range of sessions targeting different areas, with opportunities to meet other committee members and ask any questions you may have for the Student Opportunities team.

The exact dates and sessions being delivered will be sent to you soon so please keep an eye out for this!

Societies, Sports & Opportunities Executive

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Student group members have also had the opportunity to elect members of the Societies, Sports and Opportunities (SSO) Executive.

SSO is led by your VP Societies and Sport and is made up of 10 elected students. They work together to advise the officer group and other Executives on issues relating to the success of student groups. The Executive also holds the VP Societies and Sport accountable for their work, providing support and acting as a friend throughout the year.

Community Officers

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Over the last three days, voting has also been open to elect Community Officers for the 2024/25 academic year.

Communities lead from the front, oversee any campaigns and activities taking place and ensure underrepresented students get their voices heard on campus and beyond. Communities are completely free to join. Visit our Communities webpage to meet the current Community Officers and then hit the 'Join the Community' button to be kept up-to-date with news and events.

LSS School Rep

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And finally, undergraduate students from the School of Law and Social Sciences have been voting for who they want to see as their new School Rep for the next academic year.

The elected School Rep will represent your academic interests and ensure LSS students have their voices represented at meetings such as Education Executive and the School Education Committee. They work closely with academic reps and staff in their School and meet regularly with the VP Education to report on feedback and take forward actions.