UCU Preferendum Result

You've voted for the Students' Union to support the UCU's strike action and its stance in its entirety. Find out what that means and what actions we'll be taking as a result.

Over the last three days, you've been voting for what stance the Students' Union should adopt towards the upcoming UCU industrial action.

This preferendum was called by the Officer Group for students at Royal Holloway to collectively decide the Students’ Union’s position on the upcoming UCU industrial action.

The preferendum closed today at 4pm with 800 eligible student votes counted. The preferendum was conducted via alternative vote allowing you to rank your preference, and the results were as follows:

a. To support the UCU’s strike action and its stance in its entirety - 560 votes (70%)

b. To support the UCU’s stance regarding ‘action short of strike’, but reject the decision for wholescale strikes - 80 votes (10%)

c. To support the UCU’s stance, but reject any form of industrial action and ask all parties to convene further talks to establish a mutually agreeable way forward - 113 votes (14.1%)

d. To reject industrial action and oppose the UCU’s stance in its entirety - 47 votes (5.9%)

Option 'a' reached quorum in round one; therefore the Students’ Union will be adopting option 'a' and supporting the UCU's strike action and its stance in its entirety.

What will we be doing?

  • The Officer Group will be engaging with and supporting UCU members who are striking on the picket lines. We encourage students to also show your support at the picket lines if you would like to; chat to your lecturers or give them a cup of tea to show your support!
  • We will be supporting UCU in their communication directly to students.
  • We will be asking the University to come to an agreement with the UCU over the two disputes: pensions, and pay and working conditions. We will also be asking the University to develop an action plan to address these concerns.
  • We will be facilitating the UCU to hold a series of Teach Ins in the Packhorse during the strike to educate and inform students of the dispute
  • Offer support to students running activity in support of the strike.

We will be releasing a blog next week announcing more details on the actions we will be taking as a Students’ Union.

What will we be doing to support students’ education?

As a Students’ Union, it is our responsibility to act in the interests of our membership, you – the students. In addition to the actions to support the UCU’s strike action and stance outlined above, we are also working to mitigate any negative effects to your experience.

  • We will be having ongoing meetings with the University to ensure you still meet the learning outcomes for all of your courses and you are supported in your education throughout the strikes.
  • We have assurance from the University that where necessary, the University will adjust the assessment of course work and exam papers, and will profile marks for each course unit at the exam board to ensure students are not disadvantaged or penalised as a result of the strike action.
  • We are engaged in discussions with the University over how the pay withheld from UCU members who are taking industrial action will be utilised to support students.
  • We will be continuing to update you with guidance and advice on the strike action to ensure any questions you may have are answered.

Read our UCU Strikes FAQs

If you would like any more advice and support relating to the strike action please contact our Advice Centre on advice@su.rhul.ac.uk. If you have any specific questions relating to the strike you can ask at your school helpdesk or contact the University on intranet@royalholloway.ac.uk.