Rep Impact Update: Term Two

We know academic reps do amazing things, and we want to shoutout about them so they can get the recognition they deserve! Find out what they've been up to so far in Term two!

Academic reps are always doing great things, and we want to shoutout about them as loud as possible! Reps are the voice of students on campus and work hard to represent your academic interests, taking proactive steps to improve your education.

They’ve been up to some really cool things so far this term and we want to share some of their achievements with you!

  • A Video Games Art & Design course rep communicated their cohort’s need for more one-to-one sessions with their lecturers so they can receive more support with learning software
  • A Media Arts department rep gained clarity for their cohort on project submission and fed into the plans for the renovation of their department’s common room. They attended a meeting with the college contractor to ensure the space best benefitted the students
  • A Classics course rep informed their cohort about the structure of their course and provided them with clarity about the results release process
  • An MSc Information Security course rep advocated for international students on their course by explaining to the Admin office that the lack of attendance sheets in their class was the reason for them being marked as absent. The same course rep also organised study groups for students, was the intermediary between a student and a staff member when the student couldn’t get hold of their professor, gained clarity on module registration deadlines for their cohort and connected a student to a staff member who could help them to find a work placement!
  • An MSc Information Security course rep helped a student with module registration when they missed the deadline.
  • An English course rep was part of a focus group about improving their department’s webpage, and took the proactive step of presenting evidence of practices from other universities.
  • An MA Consumption, Culture and Marketing course rep liaised with their department to organise marking and feedback for students when a lecturer sadly passed away, leading to the deadline being pushed back and the organisation of an additional lecture
  • A Management course rep is lobbying for the introduction of Peer Guides in their department
  • Your Computer Science department rep organised a talk before a lecture for course reps to introduce themselves, and carried out a survey asking students about how useful their lab sessions had been
  • A Criminology and Psychology course rep closed the feedback loop by presenting a summary of her Staff-Student Committee notes to students
  • A Politics and International Relations course rep, in response to student demand, made a YouTube video about tackling research and assignments
  • A Management course rep worked with the SU to create the new Accounting, Finance and Management society

If you’ve got something to say, then you can find your rep using the 'Find My Rep' function. Make sure you engage with your reps when they ask for your feedback as they’re reps the key link between you and the staff members on your course.

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It’s super important for reps to know what’s going on so they can tell staff about the stuff you’re enjoying, as well as implementing change when it’s necessary!

If you’re already an academic rep, then why don’t you tell us what you’ve been up to through Your Impact and be featured on the next Impact Update!