All complaints must be submitted within 24 hours of the alleged incident via the form on this page. These will be investigated by the Deputy Returning Officer, who will consider the facts and make an appropriate decision. This ruling will be communicated to all parties involved.

The form

Any decisions made by the Deputy Returning Officer can be appealed via a written statement to the Returning Officer (but must include factual information as to why the original decision is considered unjust).

Any decisions made by the Returning Officer are final.

All complaints must be received within one hour of voting closing. Any complaints submitted after this time will not be investigated as part of the Referenda complaints procedure (although they may be considered under the disciplinary procedure outlined in the Students’ Union Constitution).


Student Number

University Email Address

Campaigner Complaint Relates To

Nature of Complaint and Evidence Provided

Relevant Rules or Guidance Broken

How Has This Disadvantaged Another Campaign?

Resolution Requested or Requested Outcome