Student Opportunities

Student Opportunities Training Conference.

Congratulations on successfully being elected for a committee position in this year’s student group elections. We hope that you are excited for the year ahead and for all of the challenges and experiences that lie ahead of you.

Student Opportunities Training Conference is a full day event for newly elected student group committee members. It's a day packed full of training and activities, delivered by Sabbatical Officers and Students' Union Staff. We'll be setting you up for your new year as committee members, teaching you all about the ins and outs of running a committee, from finance to recruitment.

What it's all about

Every year we hold a training conference where all student group committee members on their role, how to make their group successful, and how to make the most of their time on committee. There is an enormous range of sessions on offer that will equip you with all the necessary skills, information, and confidence to excel in your new position. 

Intrigued about what sessions to attend? The timetable of the event can be found by downloading the PDF below.



We’ve offered some guidance about what role should attend each session to make the most of the day. However, you can mould this to suit your committee structure. The mandatory sessions must be attended by at least one member of each student group’s committee. Additional information about what session entails can be found by downloading the PDF below.




Want to revisit the sessions?

All the sessions delivered at Student Opportunities Training Conference can be accessed through the button below. If you have any questions around the content, please email