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Who are we?

RAG – Raise & Give is the charity fundraising arm of the Students’ Union. We organise events such as RAG Week, Jail Break, RAG Raids & RAG Panto. Every year students choose three charities for RAG to fundraise for. These will be voted for at the beginning of each academic year. We encourage student groups to fundraise for any or all of the RAG charities or choose their own charities if they wish.

We are also here to help you run your own charity events and fundraisers. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Contact the team for more information about RAG.

  • RAG Chair: Sarah Cowan –
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  • RAG Board:

Planning a Fundraiser & Choosing a Charity

All student groups must hold at least one fundraising event during the academic year. These events can range from tournaments to performances to charity collections. Our RAG team are here to help you choose a charity, come up with ideas for fundraising events, and help you organise them.

You will also need to fill out an event proposal form and risk assessment to run a charity event (for more information visit the Events page).

Contact the RAG Board if you need assistance running a charity fundraising event.

Paying in the Money

If you have done some fundraising in person, you will need to pay this in at the Union Helpdesk so that it can be donated to the relevant charity. You can do this by filling in the paying in form, which can be found at the Union Helpdesk, making sure you tick the RAG Charity box and state which student groups can paid the money in, what event it was fundraised at, and which charity the money is for.

Fundraising Online

This year we will be tracking your online fundraising through Google Forms. Please fill out this form if you do any fundraising through sites that sends the money directly to the charity like Just Giving or Go Fund Me.

You can find the submission form here.

Tracking your Fundraising

The RAG team want to know which student groups are fundraising the most for charity. We automatically track all cash donations handed into the Union Helpdesk but please don’t forget to let us know about online fundraising so we can add this to your total as well!

Happy fundraising!


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