Aloha! Welcome to Royal Holloway's Travel Society! Get to explore the world and meet people with similar interests to you. Keep up to date on all the trips Royal Holloway has to offer from ones we arrange ourselves to other societies! 

Explore what the world has to offer and learn new skills with travelling. Learn the tips and tricks to planning and keeping things affordable and enjoyable from people who've explored the globe. Image above is the sunset from Mauna Kea in Hawai'i, over 7000 miles from the UK and the best place in the entire world to stargaze (over 16000ft above sea level). Join now to take part in these unmissable opportunities like these! 

Membership Benefits : 

  • Voting on where we go! 
  • Priority for tickets 
  • Access to all our events throughout the whole year
  • Access to collaboration events with other societies, helping get your money's worth!
  • Expect cocktail and food recipes from across the world some from our experience and others from your fellow students! 

Social Membership : 

  • Optional membership for those who want to help out with paying for food and drink at our socials

Planned Trips (Subject to voting and change)

Autumn Term:

Join us and come to the city of light, Paris! Explore the historic city during its Christmas setting and see for yourself the immense culture that's inspired the world. From the 8th - 13 of December after your first term / first term back come and see the famous icons of the city such as the Eiffel Tower and Sacre Couer to the charming streets Paris has to offer.


I did this amazing trip myself last year and I can wait to share it with you all, expect fantastic museums, amazing architecture and incredible food for an affordable 5 nights for £250* (transport included).

Spring Term: 

Come gaze at the northern lights in Tromsø! For those of you who are more adventurous take the opportunity during Term 2 reading week and use your break to explore the high north of Norway. From fjords in the mountains to whales in the ocean discover a completely different landscape to our own for £250* (This is more of an optional choice subject to popularity) 

The Main Trip

Last but but least we came to what we believe will be our main attraction and nearly 2 years in the planning, come to the deserts and oasis' or Morocco

The first week of Easter break (30th March - 6th April) come with us to Morocco and get a quick break before your Easter revision for the coming exams. A trip to Marrakech, 2 years in the planning now hit with an earthquake. We are monitoring the situation and we may alternatively go to Tangiers or Casablanca instead. A week long trip for only £250* in a Riad, moroccos famous housing. Enjoy sun and culture as well as a camel trip into the desert. If you want to choose any, this is the one to choose! 


The Summer


If you reached this far, then Thank You! We'll will teach you how to get the most of your money when travelling and meet like minded people like yourself who want to explore the world we live in.

As well as a hub to discover other travel opportunities for example;

  • History annual Term 2 trip (last year they went to Italy)
  • SnowSports Soc annual trips to the french alps 
  • Volleyball Spring trip to Portugal 

and more! 


No elections are currently running





  • Travel - Standard Membership£10.00
  • Travel - Social Membership£5.00

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  • Travel - Standard Membership£10.00
  • Travel - Social Membership£5.00
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