TEDxRHUL is an annual, student-led conference supporting innovation, critical thinking, and leadership for meaningful change through the TEDx concept. It is ‘an opportunity to share stories and help inspire and motivate students and attendants to develop into tomorrow’s leading thinkers and doers.’

Our theme for the 2020/21 conference is 'Transformations.' "Transformation" - noun: the process of profound and radical change that orients life in a new direction, taking it to an entirely different level of effectiveness

Building this is how we at TEDxRoyalHolloway define the theme for our 2020/1 conference. Just as the caterpillar in its plain and ordinary form, metamorphoses into the stunningly extraordinary butterfly. Our speakers have experienced marvelous forms of transformations, making them who they are today.


#TEDxRHUL2021 Tickets are now on sale! The conference will be held between 10 am - 6 pm using the “Run the World” platform on Saturday 13th February 2021.

?? Standard - includes a ticket to the virtual conference.

?? Standard + Transformation Pack - Ticket plus TEDx goody bag (including TEDx tote bag, as well as a bag of treats).

If you buy the package ticket, you also need to add either the £1 shipping fee or free on-campus Collection to your basket as well.

Our transformation packages will only be shipped within the UK. 


We will be sending out the links via Email, so please ensure that you check your spam as well. 

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Co-Curator (President)
Breeha Hussain
Co-Curator (Secretary)
Fleur Le Noble
Head of Legal
Eleanor Papworth
Vanesa Yakimova
Head of Logistics
Oluwasayofunmi Banjo
Head of Marketing
Ellie Garratt
Manager of Sponsorship and Finance Team (Treasurer)
Gregor Gough
Speaker Co-Ordinator
Niamh Smith