Creative Arts

About Us

We are a collective of students, brand new for 2024, dedicated to connecting individuals from diverse creative backgrounds. The Creative Arts Society is your gateway to a vibrant community where your imagination can flourish without restrictions! Whether you're pursuing a creative degree, have a lifelong passion for the arts, or simply enjoy supporting from the sidelines, there’s a place for everyone here.

Why Join Us?

  • Inspiration and Collaboration: Surround yourself with passionate, like-minded individuals who share your love for the arts. Engage in exciting projects, and start building a network for your creative future!

  • Showcase Your Talent: Step into the spotlight at our open mic nights, help contribute to creating anthologies, and help design our annual end-of-year show! We offer numerous platforms to display your creativity to the university and beyond.

  • Supportive Community: Be part of an inclusive and welcoming community where your unique voice and vision are celebrated. Forge lasting friendships and create memories that will inspire you for years to come.

  • Skill Development: Take advantage of peer support to master new artistic skills. If you have ideas for workshops, let us know via email or social media, and we'll help make it happen!

Events and Activities:

This year we aim to bring you (based off of current-student surveys):

  • Open-mic nights
  • Presentations
  • Watch Parties
  • Group Trips
  • Themed Nights
  • General Socials/Pub Crawls
  • Workshops
  • Poetry Slams
  • Concerts
  • Art and Fashion Exhibitions
  • Feedback Forums

Don't see what you're looking for? Contact us via email or social media to make requests!

Who Can Join?

EVERYONE! Our society is open to all passionate and creative students, regardless of expertise or ability. We aim to create a broad community across the university, fostering friendships among students from various creative fields. Whether you're in the spotlight or cheering from the back row, you are a key member of our society.

How to Join?

Follow us on social media for event updates and feel free to message us anytime! Memberships can be purchased via the Student's Union website.

Instagram: @rhulcreativearts



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  • Creative Arts Standard Membership£8.50

Why do I have to pay for my membership?

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Not ready to commit to a membership?

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  • Creative Arts Standard Membership£8.50
Co- Treasurer
Agata Bechta
Scarlett Bradley
Lucy Wootton
Margarida Raposeira