Recent activities include;

The league for the 2007-08 year has finished! Click the link below to view the final standings. 
Some stats: 
Average points - 140.46
Average winnings - £46.78
Number of Tournaments - 33

- Also on the above spreadsheet is the Team Leaderboard. This is just for a bit of fun where if you think you and your mates are better poker players than the rest of us then prove it! The winning team is the Committee Team (Doy, Groves, Melton and Fordham) with an average of 566.6 points.

- Also above is the Wooden Spoon competition. This is a competition which rewards the individual who has lost the most money at Poker Society Tournaments this year with an RHUL Poker Society Wooden Spoon. 

The final standings for the league are:
1) James Melton - 748.21
2) James Fordham - 663.38
3) Ben Gorman - 650.98
4) Danny Field - 606.52
5) Svjatoslavs Melnikovs - 582.2
6) Ryan Rothwell - 569.49
7) Zahir Ibrahim - 540.47
8) Richard Marsh - 509.38
9) Jimmy Matar - 505.97
10) Minhazul Hoque - 489.1
More details on the leaderboard; the link is above.

- The Poker Society unsuccessfully challenged KCL Poker in a Ryder Cup style Heads Up Tournament in London on Thursday 31st January. Of the 57 Heads Up games played in total, RHUL won only 23 of them, however we netted a tidy £162 for our efforts. Many thanks to those who took part.


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