93% Club


Our society is passionate about social mobility and inclusion, and we aim to bring social and professional empowerment to state-educated students at Royal Holloway. We give a platform to students who come from underrepresented backgrounds and invite everyone to join, to create a supportive and uplifting community within the University.

We want to provide opportunities and upskill those who may not have access to a wider social network to progress further in their chosen career paths.

We are part of the biggest student-led society all over the country, winning the 'Impact on Campus' 2021 Award with Bright Network. As a result, we connect Royal Holloway students with a diverse span of exclusive events, invaluable workshops, and resources that reach a plethora of industries, e.g., corporate and creative arts, STEM and so much more!

Some of our current national partners who support us include KPMG, P&G, Accenture, HSF, Freshfields, Newton, Baker McKenzie, Teach First, and Captial One.

WHY 93?

The number ‘93’ is special to us as it represents the 93% of University students who come from a state-educated background. Our primary focus is to open pathways and opportunities to all students regardless of where they come from.


By purchasing our membership as little as £5 for the whole academic year, it will be reinvested into running our core activities, such as guest speakers, skill workshops and regular socials.


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  • 93% Club - Standard Membership£5.00

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  • 93% Club - Standard Membership£5.00
Corporate Liaison Officer
Molly Moore
Equality and Outreach Officer
Gilmar Baca Caballero
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Publicity and Marketing Officer
Haset Berhane
Social Secretary
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