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About us

ACS is a group devoted to the celebration and empowerment of black people internationally. We provide an environment where you'll explore, learn and embrace the many facets of black culture as well as your own, however, that's only half of our constitution. This society is also committed to driving the progression of our people, to bridging the gap and nourishing the next generation at least from RHUL.

Our core activities will consist of our termly debates & social gatherings; an array of cultural food and games: Various prominent figures invited to speak to us; collaborative events with other universities, offering the opportunity to network your network, bi-weekly member meetings and much more.

Join ACS to access a wide network of our futures brightest brothers and sisters across the country, to gain access to recourses that'll enhance your business/career ambitions and to play a direct role in our societies mission this year. ACS is more than a society, we are a people, we are your family. We are the foundations for growth, unity and change.


Purchasing a membership to our society will give you perks such as a discounted rate to our paid events and an optional subscription to CASA (a network of black societies across the country). Additionally, members will also have access to our mentorship scheme; you'll be introduced to senior students who will assist you in adjusting to your course and offer you support within their means.

For our small business owners/ side-hustles and creatives, we're offering advertisement across our social platforms for your venture as well as an opportunity to utilise our resources to display your product and/or skill.

Your membership contributes to the running of our society. including the cost to invite speakers, run workshops, host social events and pay for our end of year culture show, as well as the long term development of the society. As a member of the African Caribbean society, you will become a part of an ambitious collective, where you'll grow with: like-minded, intelligent and amazing individuals. ~ who you'll form lifelong connections with.

Events and Activities

  • Meet and greet: Introduction to ACS and the presentation of our ethos/ plan for the year, (events catered to government guidlines will be discussed on that day).
  • Culture series: ACS will be divided into several groups, representing their. respective African region/ Caribbean island chain.
  • Bi-weekly socials: Karaoke, Movie Screenings, series screening, Yoga, Games night. sip 'n' paint.
  • Welfare table talk series. (will be streamed to cater for government guidlines).
  • Bridging the gap work shops.
  • Debate nights feat. Woke weekly.
  • sport socials.
  • Dance series.

Contact Us

The committee is really excited to welcome new members and we've created a dedicated WhatsApp group for any questions you have.

We're also hosting a series of Q&A's via Instagram live and Zoom mid-august discussing and releasing information regarding our term 1 rollout. Dates will be released on our social platforms closer to the time, so make sure you add us on Instagram/Twitter and join the Whatsapp group chat.

No elections are currently running


  • ACS - Standard Membership£5.00
Events Officer
Ketsia Mandiangu
PR Officer
Nyashadzashe Mandivenga
Shaniya Odulawa
Dara Olowoye
Sam Abiona
Vice President
Keiru Whenu
Welfare Officer
Mushtaha Mukhtar