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About us

AhlulBayt Society (ABsoc) is a platform that offers Islamic teachings and discussions from an Islamic perspective in accordance with the Qur'an and the teachings of the AhlulBayt.

ABsoc encourages fellow students to engage in intellectual discussions founded on universal human values and ethics of religion.

ABsoc aims to embody the principles and values of Islam to emphasise the importance of helping those in need or raising awareness of any important issues that impact our generation.

This is achieved by hosting workshops and fundraising for charities such as Al-Ayn and Zahra Trust. By joining AhlulBayt society, you can enjoy community spirit and make friends at a range of events hosted by the society throughout the year.

This is a great opportunity to partake in a wide variety of fundraising and charitable campaigns and to acquire valuable skills such as improved logistical, teamwork and communication skills from volunteering within the society.


Our current standard membership is £5.

Events & Activities

Over the year, the society holds multiple events such as Ashura Awareness Week, Hunger4Justice Charity Fundraising, Roses for Peace Campaign and speaker events.

As the society works alongside other AbSoc's across the country, there will be opportunities to attend interesting events at other universities as well as networking opportunities to create contacts to further career aspirations.

On a weekly basis, the society will hold Dua Kumayl and Dua Tawassul recitations as well as discussion circles.

In accordance with the social distancing guidelines, measures will be put in place such as seating that complies with the 1-2 metre rule and the use of hand sanitisers and masks when an event is being held.

Contact Us

We understand that talking to committee members is more assuring and informative when deciding which society to join, so if you have any queries or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us on the following below and one of the committee members will reply!

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  • Ahlulbayt Standard Membership£5.00

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  • Ahlulbayt Standard Membership£5.00
Sayyida Rizvi
Noor Hassanali
Safiya Bandali
Vice President
Syed Kazmi