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"We are Amnesty International UK. We work to protect men, women and children wherever justice, freedom, truth and dignity are denied."

Amnesty International is the world’s largest grassroots human rights organisation. It investigates and exposes abuse, educates and mobilises the public, and helps transform societies to create a safer, more just world. We are the perfect society for those interested in political campaigning and current affairs but without party political bias, or those who would like to pursue a career in the not-for-profit sector, become a political journalist, or simply wishes to meet like-minded people.

We are actively working as a society to involve members in decision making and campaign directions this year - so any ideas or comments, just drop us an email.


Amnesty International at RHUL operates a simple membership structure. Being a member of the society at Royal Holloway provides you with full membership to Amnesty UK and gives you voting rights at the national AGM.

We are one of over 100 student amnesty groups in the UK which raises awareness of Human Rights abuses. We hold bi-weekly meetings, socials and plan regular campaigns on campus. We regularly collaborate with other London universities to run campaigns in London.

We journey to Amnesty UK headquarters twice a year, where you can meet and network with staff and other student campaigners from all over the country.

Events and Activities

  • Bi-weekly Amnesty International Campaign and Educational Sessions
  • Monthly Amnesty International Women's Campaign and Educational Sessions
  • Social events e.g. pub socials, movie nights, Amnestea, and more!
  • Collaborations with other societies on events and talks
  • Fundraising events e.g. bake sales, Jamnesty, and more to be announced!
  • Raising awareness events e.g. Sex Education Workshop
  • Career and Skills Development Workshop
  • Networking events with other local Amnesty groups
  • National trips
  • Bi-weekly email/newsletter
  • Amnesty Blog - opportunity to write for the official Amnesty website

Contact Us

The committee is really excited to welcome new members.

Feel free to connect with us via...

Community Officer, Executive Elections & School Rep By-Election October 2023

This by-election will fill positions for our remaining Community Officers, who are there to represent underrepresented groups of students on campus, the last three members of our Societies, Sports and Opportunities Executive, who work with the VP Societies and Sport to develop policy and plans in their area of engagement, the empty School Rep position; School of Engineering, Physical and Mathematical Sciences and the remaining Postgraduate Research and Postgraduate Taught School Rep positions.

15 posts are up for election.

Nominations close at 23:59 on Sunday 8 October 2023 (in 8 days)

The polls open at 10:00 on Tuesday 10 October 2023 (in 10 days)

Please log in to see more details.





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