About us

We are the Anime & Manga Society. We're a friendly, open, and inclusive society, who gather weekly to watch Japanese animation (also known as anime) and discuss our interests in manga. Our main weekly activities consist of watching anime and other associated media together.


Our membership fee covers entry into our prize draws and quizzes for the term, and also our weekly events! Your membership supports us by ensuring that we can continue to provide great prizes for our giveaways, and more importantly lets the society deliver the same fun, enjoyable experience for years to come.

We do allow non-members to attend our events to see what they are like, however repeat attendees will need to purchase a membership to continue attending (this will be enforced on a case-by-case basis).

A small note on COVID-19: Due to regulations put forward by the Students' Union, we will be asking attendees to give us their name and student number when they arrive.

Events and Activities

During the first and second semesters, we host:

  • Weekly seasonal anime screenings
  • Weekly event nights, alternating between themed nights (including anything from a specific genre, to a time period, and even to a studio) and movie nights
  • Semi-regular events hosted by individual members of the committee focusing on themes we don't get to during our regular scheduling, such as manga and other forms of Japanese media

Contact Us

Our Facebook page is one of the places we post our events, but our website is where our scheduling will be most current.

We have a Discord server! Most society interaction online happens there. Join it and ask for the 'Fresher' role for access to the Freshers' questions channel.

Feel free to contact any of the committee members (Jamie Dootson, Mia Marumoto Quinn, and Dylan Goddard) on Facebook or Discord if you have any questions.

We have a page on the anonymous feedback site, Tellonym, too. Head there to ask us questions anonymously.

Finally, we have our Instagram page. Have a look there for some of our past exploits (due to a lack of physical events last year, we didn't have any photos to upload)!

No elections are currently running


  • Anime/Manga - Standard Membership£3.00
Lucy Dootson
Dylan Goddard
Mia Marumoto Quinn