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Royal Holloway Christian Union is a group of students from a range of local churches who join together to give everyone at uni an opportunity to engage with the life-changing message of Jesus. We are a community for absolutely anyone – whether you are a Christian or simply want to find out more about the Christian faith!

We’d love to meet you at our regular 'CU Central' meetings every Thursday (start at 19.30), where you can find out more about us, meet other friendly students, and discover more about Christianity in an open and honest environment. 

We also love to grow as a community during the week through prayer meetings, socials, small groups and linking with our local churches across the whole year! We also come together to reach campus with events like our Christmas Carol service, Collab events with other societies and our Events Week in February.

We're so excited to welcome you all!

For more information on CUs , check out the UCCF webiste:


Our standard membership fee cost is a payment made once a year by our members and covers the cost of our evangelism and outreach on campus. Your membership fee goes directly towards serving our wonderful campus through events such as Dial-a-Doughnut and Events Week! 

Events and Activities

As well as our regular weekly meetings that take place in various locations across campus on Thursday evenings at 19:30, we also host a wide number of activities including:

  • Prayer meetings and Worship evenings
  • Events Week (a whole week of free lunchtime and evening events on campus to allow our campus to know more about Jesus!) We plan to hold this event in February 2023.
  • Dial-a-Doughnut
  • Small groups (an opportunity to meet other Christians/ those interested in Christianity and read the Bible and pray with one another.)
  • Christmas Carol Concert
  • Weekend Away with other CU's in the South East region! (Save the date for 28-30th October).
  • Dinner with friends and other socials
  • Charity Fundraising events

Contact Us

The CU is really excited to welcome new members (whichever year of study you're in) and we've created a WhatsApp group chat where you can ask current members any questions you may have and get to know us a little better.

Just email or message us via our Instagram page, where the lovely Julie can answer any questions you may have!

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  • Christian Union Standard Membership£12.00

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  • Christian Union Standard Membership£12.00
Events Coordinator
Anna Fitch
International Coordinator
Caroline Soderlund
Prayer Secretary
Abi Shaw
Lydia Skirton
Publicity Coordinator
Jessica Dawson
Abi Shaw
Tim Powell
Vice President
Tim Powell