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CompSoc exists to create a setting where like-minded computing enthusiasts can interact and socialise. Our core aim is to make the student experience more enjoyable for those with any interest in Computing and Computer Science. We run and arrange events such as beginner workshops, Capture The Flag events, Hackathons, and social events. With a keen openness to collaborating with other societies and external companies in order to increase the diversity of the activities that we offer.

We support the academics of not only Computer Science, but also Physics, Economics, and any other subjects that have a computing component. Our support includes hosting workshops in such topics as Java, Python, C, and computing-related mathematics, running drop-in sessions for questions, and much more. As well as supplementary talks from students, we also invite guests from industry to host talks and events that allow students to learn and ask questions about graduate schemes, jobs, and other opportunities.

As well as academic events, we host a number of socials for our members to get together. From our weekly Friday pub social, cliché Minecraft survival games and other gaming activities, events on our discord server, to getting involved with SU club nights with 80s 90s 00. There is always some type of social to get our members involved.


We have a standard membership fee of £7, which goes directly to funding the events and activities we run throughout the year. By purchasing a member you not only support the events we run but also guarantees you will be able to attend all of the events we run, along with picking up the merchandise we give out throughout the year.

Events and Activities

As a society we run a range of varied events and activities throughout the year based on what our members want. These go from talks and workshops on particular academic focuses, all the way to running random events such as our competitive Bamzooki tournament.

Throughout the year we will have a number of socials, wherein we will run a range of different activities along with providing food. We are an incredibly flexible society and run events that our members suggest to us.

Contact Us

There are numerous ways to contact us. For general enquiries to the committee you can email us at

If you want to join our online Discord community and talk to our members of past and present, you can join it using the link below.

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Academic Director
Dipo Rodipe
Chartiy and Welfare Director
Shaw Chifamba
Competitions Director
Leondro Lio
Events Director
Ash Bass
First Year Representative
Louise Fair
Outreach Director
Tayma Ferriera
Josh Sawyer
Megi Braholli
Isaac Scarisbrick
Vice President
Tom Bailey