The Computing Society focuses on improving its members’ skills and aiding their interests by supplementing their degree programs with talks from professionals in the industry, working in improving their skills in workshops and tutorials and making friendships and connections that will last long after they’ve finished their degrees.

The Society aims to make computing interesting and fascinating to everyone, achieving this by encouraging people to program and providing volunteer-backed classes. This also helps provide members with opportunities to work in their local community and on campus. As part of its mission, the Society keeps it members up to date on the latest computing technologies, promoting active discussions in topics - from basic Java to advanced Information Security.

The Computing Society aims to create a network of enthusiasts, students, academics, and professionals in the field of computing. We set to achieve this goal by encouraging open source collaboration through publications and sharing sessions, participating in regional and international conferences, and competitions and creating opportunities for enthusiasts to meet like-minded people.

C:\ Socials

We host an array of different socials ranging from gaming nights to treasure hunts. Computing Society prides themselves on throwing themselves into the campus community, collaborating with other societies across the Students Union.

C:\ Academic 

The society aims to build upon academic teaching with guest lectures and workshops. Trips to competitions and hackathons also encourage the practical application and constant improvement for skills learned.

C:\ Hackathons

As a society, we have close relationships with many Hackathons around the world who we frequently get involved in. We promote these throughout the year and encourage our members to attends and learn new skills and have a fun time!

We also have our yearly even Royal Hackaway, which you will hear a lot about during the year.

C:\ Projects

We as a society now have a set of open-source projects that we curate, these projects are a great chance to learn from others who know certain technologies better than you. We also use these projects to create software which we can use internally for events and other purposes, so you can see exactly what we use and how it works.

C:\ Coding Workshops

CompSoc host free programming courses for the campus community, teaching a variety of topics all aimed for people new to the subjects. Alongside these workshops, we run weekly drop-in sessions to support students in their self-study endeavours.

C:\ Online Activities

Going forward this year, our events will primarily be online. They will be primarily hosted on our discord which you can join by going to

C:\ Links






All of our events get posted on our social media @rhulcompsoc, our website, our discord as well as our newsletter which you can signup to at





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  • Computing - Social to Standard Membership Upgrade - Term One£7.00

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