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The art of oration is a skill many treasure and have sought to attain; from ancient philosophers and politicians, such as the daring Cicero, to more modern-day counterparts (the wonderful Stephen Fry comes to mind), being able to speak convincingly and confidently in public is an essential ability.

That’s what the Debating Society is all about - using logic and reasoning to form persuasive arguments, and being able to present these arguments with conviction in front of a group of people. At our regular weekly meetings, we delve into current affairs and politics by carrying out debates in a casual Socratic style. Don’t worry if you haven’t done any of this stuff before - most students joining our society haven’t debated before, but we’ll teach you everything you need to know to help you develop into a confident orator.

We also compete at national and international debating championships which is not only a wonderful debating experience but a fantastic social experience too.

Debate Sessions

Debate Sessions will consist of a debate every session and a new motion every week. These are open to all students to join, and afterwards, and afterwards, we'll head to Crosslands to continue the debate over drinks!

Every Monday at Founders Lecture Theatre 1- room details are available on the Facebook Page.


Debate Society is going to strive this year to pack our events calendar with as many socials and events as we can. After all, what's the point of debating when you can't unwind and have a drink with your fellow debaters?

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Debate Inter-Varsity

The Debating Society Inter-Varsity is the competitive part of our society. We train a team to compete around the country at various comps (competitions), both at novice and expert level. These are often held at prestigious institutions like Durham, Exeter and Oxford. Applications for the team will open soon so keep an eye out on our Facebook page.

Debate Varsity

Every year the society hosts one on one debating competitions with Universities like Surrey, and hopefully other this year! These are held separately from the Inter-Varsity team and will be open to all members to join the team and compete at. All details will be available on our Facebook page.

Speakers & Talks

In the spirit of debate, the debating society aims to bring in as many speakers as possible every term. Attendance is exclusive to Debating Society members, and during this term, we have arranged two speakers that we will announce soon on our Facebook....

Email us if you have any questions: 

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Student Opportunities

  • Student Opportunities Membership 1 Year£8.00
  • Student Opportunities Membership 2 Year£21.00
  • Student Opportunities Membership 3 Year£30.00
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