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About us

RHDJ is all about getting our members experience DJing. We'll cater to the bedroom DJ or the aspiring club DJ. Our focus is getting members comfortable and up to scratch playing out, no matter their previous experience.

We know that everyone likes their own genres and styles, so in our weekly meetings we'll focus on the technical skills so that when our members play out, they'll feel able to use their own song selection and techniques to please a crowd.

We're an inclusive community where people are able to share their love of all genres of music and to discover new ones. There's no pressure to play out in a club, but we'd love to get everyone to that standard.


Membership in the society helps us pay for industry-standard equipment that we'll be using for practice in our weekly meetings and playing out. Our aim is to make members as comfortable as possible with standard club equipment in a relaxed environment.

We'll also be doing our best throughout the year to get members experience with gigs and events as we know there's more to it than technical ability.

Membership also gives you the opportunity of 1-on-1 tuition and troubleshooting through both socially-distanced and virtual tutorials (whilst restrictions are in place).

Events and Activities

Over the course of the year (as coronavirus permits) we aim to put on a number of independent events. We also work closely with the SU to collaborate on events for the weekly student nightlife.

Our members have opportunity to play out in all of these events, and we also offer additional perks to members where available (e.g. drinks vouchers, merch, discounted entry)

Contact Us

We have a WhatsApp Group each year for our members. We use it throughout the year to keep everyone up to date on new events and to discuss everything DJ.

If you'd like to talk to any of us, we'd recommend using this WhatsApp group, as its where we're most active, but you can also contact us directly outside of the group via Facebook Messenger.

We'll also be posting details of video meetings via Zoom in early October in this whatsapp group, so please join if you'd like to meet the committee and other members virtually. You can also email us on for the link or for any questions you might have.

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