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About us

Hello! We are Royal Holloway Drama Society. We are dedicated to ensuring that imaginative and enticing Theatre is displayed on and off campus throughout the year, and we always endeavour to take advantage of theatrical opportunities that arise. We aim to give members as many opportunities as possible to showcase their talents, giving a welcoming and supportive environment to experiment with ideas.

Once a term we have a main term show, in which any student can come forward and bid an idea for. Alongside this, we have many other creative and performance based opportunities, including our Unscene Festival which is a night of short original pieces entirely written by students!

This year we want to emphasise that Drama Society is here to support any creative idea you have, so as well as our main term shows we want to open up other smaller slots to be filled by anyone with the urge to create.

We have had a whole variety of amazing productions in the last few years, including Woyzeck, 5 Women Wearing the Same Dress, Distractions, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead and Dorian Gray. We have also taken some amazing shows to Edinburgh Fringe festival, including Holy Sh*t and The Brave Anthology!

We are fully prepared do alter all of these events so they can be done socially distanced or online, we will still have as many opportunities and socials!

So, whatever your interests – be it acting, directing, comedy, stage-managing, design or volunteering – get involved as there is always something that Drama Society can offer you!


Our membership allows you to participate in shows, events and go on trips with the society. The money goes towards the budget for shows to help them be as successful as possible, trips to get student discounts for members and even free pizza and drinks at socials!

Buying a membership will allow you to join a group of people who are all dedicated and passionate for all things theatre, you will find people who will be creative partners and most of all you will make friends for life.

Events and Activities

Drama Society offers a whole range of activities throughout the year, these include:

  • Termly Main Shows
  • Mini shows organised by members
  • Unscene Festival once a term
  • Trips to the theatre
  • Socials (Such as our monologue slam, drama games nights and quiz nights, which can all be done remotely!)
  • Charity events and volunteering
  • Workshops

Contact Us

If you are a new or returning student, we are welcome to any thoughts, concerns, questions or ideas! Drop us an email at drama@royalholloway.su or message us on our Facebook page to get in touch.

We will be having socials and taster sessions from the start of term so keep an eye on our socials for information on them!

No elections are currently running


  • Drama Standard Membership (Full Year)£10.00
  • Drama Standard Membership (Term Two/Three)£6.00
Charities and Wellbeing Officer
Luz Sanchez-Real Zielniewicz
Tom Price
Publicity Officer
Maddy Carter
Lowri Chambers
Social Secretary
Niki Agrios
Leoni Harlow-White
Vice President
Katherine Henry