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Academic pressures and obligations can sometimes take the fun out of reading, as most second and third years will attest to.

This society aims to root out these brain worms, and is to be a space where you can express your unwavering passion for books, with like-minded individuals you might not have had otherwise the chance to chat to during your day-to-day studies.

Whether it's Bronte character guess who, book speed-dating (trying to sell your favourite book of a particular period or genre to someone else in two minutes), general group readings, or blind book swaps, there will always be a variety of social activities going on around and outside campus.

If you like books and are nice, we will like you!


A year's membership is around £7, and it goes towards the running of the club - which ranges from travel for trips, booking of events, and general social occasions such as Autumn/Winter/Summer Ball's.

As a member, you'll have the opportunity to meet like-minded book worms in a safe and hopefully fun environment, and hopefully make some new buddies.

The price is the equivalent to two Thatchers Gold's, the presidents drink of choice, at a fairly reasonable pub (though maybe not a pub around here), so what then is there to lose when it will allow you to join the most bad-ass gang on campus; the smartest, funniest, most interesting of all societies.

Events and Activities

Over the next year, taking into consideration government guidelines and general common sense, we will hopefully be offering the following:

  • Author events in London, Bath and Brighton (plus literally any other city providing we can get the funds for it - prepare to get your aprons on ladies, gents and non-binaries). The number of people we can bring on each trip will vary due to venue rules around social distancing.
  • A pub/library meeting once every week or so, where it'll range from general chats on what people have been recently reading outside of their course, book swaps, and readings from works brought in by anyone in the society. Social distancing will be considered - everyone's safety comes first!
  • Poetry readings. We'll gauge keenness first before we set anything into motion, but trips to bars to read some angsty unrequited love poems you wrote last week with your pals egging you on is always a good way to unwind.
  • Virtual readings/ chilled out discussions about books and the literary world, held either on Zoom, discord or MS Teams. Most of this will be organised through a (hopefully not too dead) Facebook chat.

Contact Us

We're stoked to get the keen amongst the department to join in and get our own weird and wonderful network on the go.

To get involved or ask any questions, send us a quick email at englishliterature@royalhollway.su or via our Facebook page RHUL English Literature Society, and the title of a book you really want to read this year!

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