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The Fashion Society is a community of people with a love for clothes, shopping, icons, trends and so much more. We go on thrifting trips, have amazing socials and network with other industries like journalism and film to give our members more opportunities to learn about fashion as a career.

The society put on 2 shows a year. One winter show which is in collaboration with many other artistic and creative societies and another fashion show at the end of the year which is dedicated to our members being able to show off their skills, styling, and strut on a catwalk.

You should join because we are society that absolutely love what we do and want to make sure that are members are having as much as a blast as we are whilst being able to take some experience, gain networks and maybe even work opportunities.


Our members will be able to have access to everything the society provides. The membership fee goes towards booking locations to host our socials, shows and shoots.

As a member you have the opportunity to network with other creatives with a similar passion as you and gain more experience in any creative field, meet amazing people who are fun and welcoming and build strong friendships , and explore your love for fashion.

Events and Activities

  • End of year fashion show – Biggest fashion event of the year where the whole society works together as a team to pull off a show. Planning starts at the beginning of second term.
  • Fancy Dress Nights – Fashion themed nights where members wear an outfit according to the theme, for example, Y2K theme, colour theme, iconic fashion movie themes etc.
  • Thrift Store Bingo – We’ll have a list of names of local thrift stores and charity shops around the uni. For every shop a member goes to they can cross it off. The winner at the end of the term/year gets a prize.
  • Socials – The society will have a social every week or fortnight for members. These will be on and offline (depending on government guidelines). Socials will be zoom parties, quiz nights, movie nights, pub crawls, you name it!
  • Short Online Fashion Workshops – Short workshops from 30 minutes to an hour long for our members to learn useful skills in the industry. This could be on how to use social media as an influencer, how to sew for beginners, how to style for a conceptual photoshoot, how to edit YouTube videos etc.
  • Shoots, Films and More – We are constantly networking with many other societies and external creatives, so are members regularly participate in short films, photoshoots, shows, internships, and work experience.

Contact Us

We can't wait to meet our new members and have created a group for Fashion Soc 2023/2024 on Whatsapp for them to join and get the party started!

The chat is there for any new members to ask questions, introduce themselves and stay involved with all the upcoming events we will be hosting to welcome them into the fashion family, such as Zoom chats, Kahoot games and much much more!

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  • Fashion Standard Membership -Yearly£10.00

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  • Fashion Standard Membership -Yearly£10.00
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