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About us

Royal Holloway Games Society is the central hub for all things gaming on campus. We facilitate most forms of gaming including Board Games, Video Games, TTRPGs, Wargames and Esports. We aim to create as welcoming of an environment as we can so you can enjoy whatever part of gaming you enjoy to the fullest, with the additional fun of helping out the wider community via charity drives. We've been lucky to be able to host a 24 Hour Charity Livestream yearly for the past 5 years, and have raised just over £14000 in total so far for SpecialEffect.

Normally we run on Mondays (Board Game night) and Fridays (Video Game night) during term time, with weekly arrangements made to provide rooms and resources to DMs for their campaigns. Longform board game sessions and Wargames are also held on weekends!


At Gamesoc, we care about one thing above all others: providing a place where as many people as possible want to come and play games! As such, anyone is welcome to come to our regular sessions, membership or not, to hang out and play games. At our sessions, we provide everything you might need, including a huge inventory of board games, consoles, controllers, people to run games and teach them, and more - which all require money to upkeep and expand over time.

We now offer a free social membership, which is all you require to be registered as a proper member of the society and take part of our regular socials. However if you would like to support us in making Gamesoc great, then we would be very grateful if you bought a membership.

In addition to helping us run our weekly board game and video game socials for the whole year and Gamesoc's D&D campaigns and one-shots, the Gamesoc Standard Membership (for just £5) gives you exclusive access to any special events we run, including megagames, unique tournaments and leagues, and any trips we go on.

To get involved in the Esports side of our community, you can join our specific Esports discord, which is permanently linked in the Gamesoc server. This is where you can find information on how to participate in our various Esports teams and any LAN events, watch parties, in-house tournaments, or trips.
Additionally for those wanting to compete as part of our very own Royal Bears Esports teams, an Esports Membership top-up (also for just £5) is available. This will be required if you are part of any Royal Bears teams, and all funds from this membership will go straight into covering costs to go to LAN events and other competitions.

Events and Activities

Regular sessions:

  • Weekly Monday board game sessions (7-10pm)
  • Weekly Friday video game sessions (7-10pm)
  • D&D sessions throughout each week, as arranged per group
  • Long-form board game and Wargames socials on weekends!

Semi-regular sessions (roughly monthly, on weekends):

  • Esports LAN events and watch parties
  • Pub board game socials

Keep an eye out for other special events throughout the year too, including:

  • A yearly run MEGAGAME
  • An "Arcade Crawl" around London
  • Charity fundraisers
  • ... and much more!

Disclaimer: Rarely some sessions are cancelled due to factors out of our control and some special events are also added, keep an eye out on our social media to keep up to date!

Contact Us

Click to visit our Linktree for all our social media accounts!

If you want to get in contact with committee for anything at all you can message us using any of the platforms below!

We're happy to answer any questions you may have about our activities and can't wait to get talking!

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Sorry, there are no memberships available to purchase.
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