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About us

Humans vs Zombies is a survival tag game that runs multiple times a year. Humans use Nerf blasters to fight off the oncoming horde; Zombies band together and hunt down their classmates!

Join us for our missions that run daily throughout the games, which give you a chance to survive the onslaught of your friends or tag your classmates so they join the zombie team. You get a collectable badge for taking part in each game, and we offer a wide variety of nerf blasters available to rent for a low price if you don't own any or wish to try something new.

In between games we also host regular socials, including specifically alcohol-free events, and special annual events such as cocktail parties and awards nights. This is our 10th year existing as a society at Royal Holloway, and we have big plans for anniversary events this year. So what are you waiting for? Join the largest game on campus and put your survival skills to the test!


By purchasing membership, you’ll be able to participate in our games, each of which comes with its own unique badges. You’ll also be invited to join our regular socials, which run at least 1-4 times a month, and our many unique events and special games.

Your membership cost will go towards acquiring the resources we need to develop and host our massive games, produce new merchandise and expand our armoury of rentable Nerf blasters.

Events and Activities

As a member of Humans vs Zombies, you would normally expect to take part in:

  • Six 24/7 games of HvZ, taking place over time spans ranging from a day to a week. We will also run additional Human vs Human games, where everyone is allowed a blaster in an event resembling standard nerf battles.
  • The opportunity to develop your game design and leadership skills by helping to “moderate” the aforementioned games, taking charge on mission design, learning how to manage large numbers of players and creating unique and innovative mechanics of your own.
  • A ticketed Halloween cocktail party and spring awards night cocktail party.
  • Collaborative alternative live action games and events with other societies.

Contact Us

You can message us at any time on our Facebook page, keep up with news on our Instagram or join our community Discord where we host our games! We also have a community messenger chat where you can ask questions and interact with other members - just message the page or someone on committee to be added!

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  • Humans vs Zombies Standard Membership£7.00
Community Welfare Officer
Melie Crochemore
Media Officer
Tilly Hall
Aston Young
Joe Kay
Social Secretary
Arjun Chauhan
Charlie Rooks
Vice President
Tana Randle