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About us

Bienvenidos to Royal Holloway’s one and only Salsa Society! Are you ready for lots of dancing, caliente vibes and reggaeton nights? If the answer is YES - you are at the right place!

Not only are we one of the most inclusive and friendly societies on campus, but we can guarantee a full-on hot Latin experience throughout the whole year! Although we represent various backgrounds – we come together to explore the art of salsa and bachata weekly.

As part of our familia, you will see your dancing improved and find yourself inspired to explore different stylings together with all members, and who knows … maybe even participate in a competition! We also host and attend workshops, showcases, festivals, and events.

Not to mention our unforgettable nights out at Bar Salsa London and Latin nights at Medicine. Whether you’re a beginner, a well-seasoned dancer, or someone eager to try something new - in our family, everyone is more than welcome to share in our adventure!

How do we do it?

  • SALSA: 1hr lesson.
  • BACHATA: 1hr lesson.
  • SOCIAL DANCING: 1hr free dancing to practice whatever you learnt in the class and/or try new routines together after class and FREE evening social dancing once a week (roughly 1-2 hours)


  • STANDARD – £25 for 12 weeks of classes (including member hosted workshops and reading week classes)
  • SOCIAL - £5 access to social dancing, events and virtual meetings (can combine with pay as you go for a professional class)
  • PAY AS YOU GO - £3 for 1 hour class or £5 for 2 hours
  • WORKSHOPS – members led workshops are included in standard membership but are £1 for non-members and friends; workshops led by a professional instructor may vary in price

Events and Activities


Our activities this year promise the hottest salsa rhythms, the most sensual and modern bachata techniques and the craziest reggaeton tracks!

Once a week we offer structured classes following a syllabus. They will take place in Medicine, the SU main hall, or a college venue. And the best part about it? They will be taught by our passionate instructor Antonio de Mendoza, Founder of RHUL Salsa Society!

We know that some of you pick up the steps very fast so we decided to offer those of you who wish the opportunity to challenge yourselves through Antonio’s routines and maybe join the competing team.

We also host various workshops to keep our members intrigued and improving on all levels! Some of the workshops are taught by professional guest coaches and some by our lovely members! We offer:

  • Lady Styling – if you want to feel feminine and fierce
  • Man Styling – if you want to be a strong and appealing leader
  • Dance Fusion – for the whole family and friends to try new styles and have fun;

SOCIALS – due to COVID-19 we have to follow the government guidelines but that does not mean we are going to skip on the FUN! We have incredible socials coming such as All White Night, ABCD London Festival (AnyBodyCanDance), Bring your best Salsa(dip), ESTAS LOCO!, Movie nights, and many more!

Contact Us

If you have any questions or simply want to know a bit more about what we do – drop us an email at, or follow/message us on Facebook (@Royal Holloway's Salsa Society) or Instagram (@rhulsalsasociety).

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  • Salsa - Standard Membership£35.00
  • Salsa - Standard Membership Term Two/Three£20.00
Doroteya Kisyova
Sara Mbegu
Social Secretary
Ruth de Jesus
Sara Perez Vizan