Liberal Democrats

About us

We are a group of students who believe in a society wherein nobody is enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity. We maintain a strong commitment to social justice and democracy.

There is no requirement to be a member of the UK Liberal Democrats to join our society; we welcome both party members and non-affiliated individuals who share our goals and are interested in Liberal politics, or just making new friends.

We hope to create an open environment for socialising, friendly debate and political discussion. In the past, we have enjoyed the support of several fascinating guest speakers.


We offer a single tier of membership, which provides access to all of our social events and any activities that the society hosts, year round. Your annual membership fee cover the expenses associated with such activities. For example, when we host guest speakers, we may use society funds to cover their travel expenses. Similarly, if we need to hire transport or a venue for our events, this is typically funded through membership fees.

If you would like to join the society, but find the membership fee prohibitive due to financial constraints and/or hardship, we encourage you to consider an application to the RHSU Student Group Access Fund, which can cover up to 100% of the cost of membership.

Events and Activities

During the course of the academic year, we plan to host:

  • Freshers events, including a coffee afternoon, pub trip and hopefully a barbeque
  • Social events (with and without alcohol), including joint events with other societies
  • Campaigning on behalf of local Liberal Democrat candidates and on issues such as electoral reform, trans rights and university working conditions
  • A society Christmas dinner and end-of-year dinner
  • Guest speaker events (with current and former MPs, MEPs, MSs, MSPs, AMs, Councillors, candidates, etc.)
  • Charity fundraising activities

Contact Us

We are always happy to welcome new or prospective members. You can contact the committee at any time using our email address or by DMing us on Instagram.

Station Manager By-Election 2024

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Nominations close at 16:00 on Monday 27 May 2024 (in 4 days and 6 hours)

The polls open at 10:00 on Tuesday 28 May 2024 (in 5 days and 0 hours)





  • Liberal Democrats Standard Membership£3.00

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  • Liberal Democrats Standard Membership£3.00
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