Climate Action

Climate Action aims to bring together individuals that strive towards a sustainable lifestyle for both themselves and their communities. We discuss climate change and what actions we can take to help fight the injustices that created the climate crisis from an anti-capitalist perspective. From guest speakers to actions, our society aims to bring together students to do something about the climate crisis.


  • Climate Action Standard Membership£3.00

Student Opportunities

  • Student Opportunities Membership 1 Year£12.00
  • Student Opportunities Membership 2 Year£21.00
  • Student Opportunities Membership 3 Year£30.00
Charity Officer
Casey Barrett-Gibson
Event Manager
Georgina Curtis
Marcelina Rejwerska
Cosmo Cattell
Social Media Rep
Georgina Curtis
Social Secretary
Stephanie Bird
Jasmin Shahid
Timothy Syed