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Orbital Magazine is the official publication of Royal Holloway Students’ Union. We produce a 44-page monthly magazine that is distributed online, on campus, and around the local area. We want to give all our student journalists the opportunity to be published, whilst offering support and guidance on writing in a way that best communicates what matters to you.

It’s not all journalism though! If you’re interested in photography, illustration, design, podcasts, event management, marketing, or fundraising, we have something for you too! You don’t need to have experience to join; just bring your enthusiasm and we’ll teach you everything you need to know.

Orbital provides great opportunities for both career and personal development, with a combination of educational and social events.


All students can submit articles to Orbital Magazine, even non-members. However, purchasing a membership gets you awesome benefits so we strongly recommend you doing so. As a member, you'll not only be able to submit articles but meet loads of people and make lifelong friends. Your membership fee goes towards running and developing the society, financing our print runs, and of course putting on events for you- our members!

As an Orbital member you will receive:

  • Feedback from our editorial team on all articles submitted
  • Careers and development advice from the team
  • Exclusive access to industry events
  • Access to Orbital cameras and equipment
  • Access to InDesign and Photoshop
  • Orbital T-shirt

Events and Activities

Over the course of the year we host a variety of events and are always open to suggestions. The type of events you can expect to see include:

  • Writing and skills workshops
  • Career-focused events
  • Conferences
  • Regular socials including film nights, games, drinks and more

Our events will be looking a little different for Term 1 in order to keep everyone safe, but there will still be plenty going on. We will be offering both virtual and socially distanced events, including everything from workshops and film nights to picnics and water fights! If you have any suggestions or requests, please get in contact with us.

Contact Us

We’re really looking forward to welcoming new students and have created a WhatsApp group for you to join and ask us any questions you have.

We’ll also be hosting two Zoom meetings so you can meet the team and ask questions :) Join us on either Tuesday 29th September or Tuesday 6th October at 4pm. Send an email to orbital@royalholloway.su to RSVP and get access.

Get in touch with our editing team at the following emails:

  • Editor & deputy editor: editor.orbital@royalholloway.su
  • Photography: photography.orbital@royalholloway.su
  • Design and illustration: design.orbital@royalholloway.su
  • Podcasts and video content: podcasts.orbital@royalholloway.su
  • Events: social.orbital@royalholloway.su
  • Distribution: distribution.orbital@royalholloway.su
  • News section: news.orbital@royalholloway.su
  • Features section: features.orbital@royalholloway.su
  • Comment section: comment.orbital@royalholloway.su
  • Sports & societies section: sports-socs.orbital@royalholloway.su
  • Science & gaming section: science.orbital@royalholloway.su
  • Lifestyle section: lifestyle.orbital@royalholloway.su
  • Arts section: arts.orbital@royalholloway.su
  • Creative writing section: creative.orbital@royalholloway.su
  • Travel section: travel.orbital@royalholloway.su

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Sorry, there are no memberships available to purchase.
Comment Editor
Bridget O'Sullivan
Creative Writing Editor
Jack Wright
Deputy Editor
Thom Cuffin-Munday
Deputy Features Editor
Thea Drake
Deputy Lifestyle Editor
Elena McCaffrey
Deputy News Editor
James Bowers
Deputy Science & Gaming Editor
Alex Whiteman
Deputy Sports and Societies Editor
Claudia Hall
Jordan Thorne
Features Editor
Emily Downie
Film Editor
Harry Mear
Head of Distribution
Hannah Wheeler
Head of Photography
Francesca Benvenutto
Head of Podcasts
Fintan Mullahy
Joint Head of Design
Kaja Matusik
Chelsea New
Lifestyle Editor
Renee Lewis
Literary Editor
Reena Bakir
Music Editor
Clarissa Philpott
News Editor
Courtney Bridges
Science and Gaming Editor
Ellie Matthews
Social Secretary
Niamh Smith
Theatre Editor
Natasha Randall-Nesbit
Travel Editor
Beau Hailey
Visual Arts Editor
Safi Liesnham