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Orbital is the official and largest student publication at Royal Holloway, established on-campus in 1986. We release wide-ranging articles in both our student-led magazines and on our website. We produce two full-length magazines per term, and upload fresh articles weekly to our website during term time. The magazine is distributed online, on-campus, and in the wider community. Our pieces have regularly been picked up by mainstream outlets in the past. We aim to give all our student writers & journalists the opportunity to be published, whilst offering support and guidance on writing in a way that best communicates what matters to you.

It’s not all journalism though! If you’re interested in photography, illustration, design, podcasts, event management, marketing, or fundraising, we also offer experience in all these areas; student media participation is a tried and tested route into the industry of television, publishing and journalism. You don’t need to have experience to join; just bring an enthusiasm to create banging content, and we’ll teach you everything you need to know.

Orbital provides great opportunities for both career and personal development, with a combination of educational and social events. We also have accesss to press-events across the UK (e.g. meet n' greets, journalism conferences).


All students can submit articles to Orbital Magazine without a membership, but we only fully-integrate members. Our regular contributors & the editorial team buy memberships to access premium editing and proofing services, support & guarantee the publication of their work, and help cover the costs associated with priniting for the wide audience we reach. Membership also grants access to our socials, and to our community of future contacts and writers. We strongly recommned purchasing a membership to get the most out of Orbital, both socially and via invaluable work experience!!

As an Orbital member you will receive:

  • Feedback from our editorial team on all articles submitted
  • Every piece you publish with us will go through a professional editing process
  • Careers and development advice from the team and guests in the industry
  • Exclusive access to industry events
  • Access to Orbital's very own office in the Student Union building, which we share with Rhubarb TV and Insanity Radio
  • Access to InDesign and Photoshop
  • One of our famous tote bags!

Events and Activities

Over the course of the year we host a variety of events and are always open to suggestions. The type of events you can expect to see include:

  • Writing and skills workshops
  • Career-focused events
  • Conferences
  • Regular socials including film nights, games, drinks and more

Contact Us

We’re ecstatically excited to welcome new students and encourage you to PM any of our socials, or directly message our editor in chief, Bridget O'Sullivan, or our deputy editor in chief, Elizabeth Ajao, to ask any questions / find out more!

During Freshers' Week, we'll be at Freshers' Fair both days, so feel free to pop in and chat! We'll also be holding our Taster Session on the Tuesday (21/09) in Tommy's Kitchen from 4-5pm!

Get in touch with our editing team at the following emails:

  • Editor & deputy editor: editor.orbital@royalholloway.su
  • News section: news.orbital@royalholloway.su
  • Opinion section: opinion.orbital@royalholloway.su
  • Sports section: sports-socs.orbital@royalholloway.su
  • Science & technology section: science.orbital@royalholloway.su
  • Lifestyle section: lifestyle.orbital@royalholloway.su
  • Creative writing section: creative.orbital@royalholloway.su
  • Culture & literature section: culture.orbital@royalholloway.su

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  • Orbital Magazine Standard Membership£30.00
Creative Writing Co-Ordinator
Amy Wales
Culture & Literature Deputy Editor
Amber Brooks
Culture & Literature Head Editor
Eva Townsend Bilton
Bridget O'Sullivan
Head Editor Film/TV
Kianna Best
Head Editor Lifestyle
Jessica Watts
Lifestyle Deputy Editor
Beth McClean
News Co-Editor
Ilayda Kaplankiran
News Senior Co-Editor
Courtney Bridges
Opinion Deputy Editor
Madelaine Gray
Science and Technology Co-Editor
Jessica Copeland
Luz Sanchez-Real Zielniewicz