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Welcome to Royal Holloway Archery!  As a non-contact sport, we are able to offer sessions following social distancing measures from October onwards. Due to Government Guidelines, we will not be able to take on and coach beginners in Term 1 - but we are keeping our fingers crossed for Term 2. Stay tuned for more information as the year progresses and new information is released about the current situation. Despite this setback, we will still have training sessions for experienced and returning archers, who are all welcome to join the club. Archery is an open, accessible sport and we take pride in these values, embracing true sportsmanship as part of RHUL Sport.

In our weekly training sessions, members can practice and learn at their own pace, reaching personal goals, recreational or competitive. We embrace both mindsets: competitive and casual and support archers of all backgrounds. We want everyone to have fun at the shooting line


In terms of any equipment required for our sessions, we can provide the necessary gear (which will be cleaned and sanitised thoroughly before and after sessions) during training if members do not have their own. However, if members do own their own bow and arrows, they are more than welcome to bring them along for use in the sessions.

It is also essential that archers will bring their own mask and wear it when in the hall, for both waiting on the line and when collecting arrows. It will only be taken off when shooting. Masks will be available to purchase in an emergency for £1 at the beginning of each session in case a mask breaks or has been left at home. 

Important: Please do not forget your college card! This will be scanned when entering the hall, for track and trace purposes and registration. 



Before purchasing an Archery membership, all students will have to purchase the RHUL Sports Pass which is £30 in total (£10 paid each term). In addition all students will be required to purchase the one-time sports entrance fee on the Student’s Union website, which costs £15 per academic year, to participate in any Sport at Royal Holloway.

Current students will need to purchase tickets from the Student Union's website and then they will be informed of the sessions they can attend. The price for attending one Archery session is £6.50 which will be capped after the student attends ten sessions throughout the academic year. If members are unable to make it to the session, a committee member will have to be notified at least 24 hours before the session, so that the rota can be edited for that training session for the benefit of our members.

Alumni of Royal Holloway, University of London are welcome to shoot at our sessions and we have a pay-as-you-go system for these former students. Alumni will either be charged £5 if they are bringing their own equipment or £10 if they are using the equipment belonging to the University. (this option is currently not available as only current students are allowed to enter the facilities)

Events and Activities

Training Sessions

Our training sessions are on Thursdays from 19:30 - 21:00, and on Sundays from 16:30 - 18:00. Following regulations, there will be two archers allocated to each target with 12 people in the hall during training sessions. Members will be allocated a session once they have paid for a ticket (and told in advance) and when members arrive at the venue, they will have to line up outside before being let in. During training, social distancing will be maintained between shooting and waiting to shoot. 

We offer casual training sessions as well as opportunities to compete in intercollegiate and national events such as SEAL and BUCS (according to government guidelines applicable at the time). Additional coaching for competitive archers is also available if desired.

Socials for Term 1

We will follow the social distancing measures implemented by the government, therefore, there will not be any face to face social event until the measures are eased. 

Currently, we are planning a variety of  virtual events such as Kahoot Quiz and Game nights, these will take place roughly once a month. Keep a look out for times and themes on our social media, and see you there!


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