About us


Welcome to Royal Holloway Archery! 

We are a friendly club open to all archers, regardless of ability or experience. Archery is an open, accessible sport and we take pride in these values, embracing true sportsmanship as part of RHUL Sport.

In our weekly training sessions, members can practice and learn at their own pace, reaching personal goals, recreational or competitive. We embrace both mindsets: competitive and casual and support archers of all backgrounds. We want everyone to have fun at the shooting line!


In terms of any equipment required for our sessions, we can provide all the necessary gear (which will be cleaned and sanitised thoroughly before and after sessions) during training if members do not have their own. However, if members do own their own bow and arrows, they are more than welcome to bring them along for use in the sessions. We are also happy to offer advice on purchasing your own kit.

We encourage shooting one of the 4 bow types recognised by Archery GB:

  • Recurve
  • Barebow
  • Compound
  • Longbow

Other bowtypes are also welcome, but they are not eligible for certain competitions. Crossbows are not allowed due to safety concerns.



If you are a beginner archer (less than 6 months experience), then we have beginners lessons that will run in term 1. We cannot allow you to shoot in regular training sessions until you finish these lessons, as they go over health and safety measures, without which you may accidentally do something which could put yourself or someone else in danger. These lessons will cost £20 for 3 lessons (once a week for 3 weeks). After you finish these lessons, if you want to continue being a member of the club, you can pay the standard membership price of either £20 for term 1 or £60 for the full academic year. Due to the need for beginners lessons as explained, we are unable to take any beginner archers in term 2 or 3.


If you are an experienced archer (more than 6 months experience) or are returning to the club as a continuing student, then you will need to buy the top-up for Experienced and Returning Members for £20 as well as the standard membership (either £20 for term 1 or £60 for the full academic year). If you have not previously shot with us (e.g. you were a member of another club in the UK or abroad) we would ask for a quick safety check before you can join the sessions, but you will be able to go straight into regular practices after that. We will also remind you of health and safety rules and archery etiquette, if needed.


Events and Activities

Training Sessions

Our training sessions are on Thursdays 20:00 - 21:45, and Mondays 10:00 - 12:00. 

We offer casual training sessions and opportunities to compete in intercollegiate and national events such as SEAL and BUCS if desired, as well as Varsity near the end of the academic year, with entry and travel costs covered by the membership fees.


In the Archery club, we pride ourselves on our socials. We have staple events that we run annually, ones that unfortunately could not go ahead last year, that we are looking forward to putting on.

Social events that we plan on running include:

  • Halloween and Easter shoots
  • Film Nights
  • SU Nights
  • Christmas Meal
  • Equipment/technique talks
  • And more!


Contact Us

You can contact us on:

All the important updates are posted on our Instagram page, so make sure to follow us! Alternatively, there is a Whatsapp group for our members.


  • Archery Standard Membership (Full Year)£60.00
  • Archery Standard Membership (Term Two/Three)£40.00


  • Experienced Top-Up£20.00
  • Archery - Competitive Top Up (Full Year)£10.00
  • Colour Award Badge 2022£1.50
  • Custom Competition Shirt (2023)£23.87
Equipment Officer
Peter Baxter
Nathaniel McShane
Charles Drake
Social Secretary
Shauna Punjabi
Treasurer/Vice President
Julianna Ostrovska