About us

Athletics and Cross Country is an inclusive and welcoming club, which provides opportunities for all. Across our multiple sessions, we offer group training catered to sprints, middle and long-distance for all ability levels.
Whether you want to gain fitness, compete in nationwide competitions against the very best, or just run for fun, we can guarantee that Athletics & Cross-Country will be the club for you.


Our membership for the 2023/24 Academic year is formatted as follows:
All Athletics members will be required to purchase the Standard Membership of £35 which covers the whole year. This membership provides;

  • Access to our on-campus grass training sessions twice a week, on Monday and Thursday afternoons (Nobles field, starting at 6pm)
  • Join the club at all social and club events thrown throughout the year
  • Compete in competitions like varsity
  • The ability to stand and vote in elections & by-elections to decide the current and future Athletics committees running the club
  • Join Athletics as a member at Colours Ball, the annual Royal Holloway sports awards ceremony where dinner, drinks, and dance are provided
  • The club will cover transport costs to certain events

There is an additional competitive top-up on top of the Standard Membership (£60 for Term 1, £95 for the whole year). This top-up is designed for Athletes who want to compete with the university at our regional and national races & competitions. Purchasing this competitive top-up provides;

  • Additional training once a week on Wednesdays at Thames Valley Athletics Track.
  • The ability to compete for the university at our London based university league LUCA, and our national university competitions with BUCS where the club will help cover accomodation costs.
  • The Athletics club will cover all entries to LUCA & BUCS races for Athletes

For any athletes who are only interested in LUCA Cross Country there is an optional top-up for £28. Please note that these benefits are also included in the full competitive membership and this is only for those solely interested in the LUCA XC. This top-up gives;

  • Entries covered for all cross country events that are part of LUCA
  • High intensity trail sessions offered by the cross country captain

For these LUCA XC events there is also the option to pay per event entry (£8). This is if you want to try it out and not necessary if you have  either the full competitive membership or LUCA XC top-up.

The club also offers kit. This includes vests and jackets available to purchase. Kit is not essential to participate in athletics. The club will try to lend vests to athletes for events but there is limited supply and no guarantee that we can find something that fits. If you are interested in purchasing a vest to keep please inquire first so we can find one that fits.

Overall, we will provide you with the chance to stay fit and healthy, improve as a runner, allow you to gain competitive experience, and introduce you to a variety of different students from all around the world.

If you have any questions about the details of our memberships, please reach out to our Instagram , or email us at

Events and Activities

Over the course of the next year members can expect:

  • On-campus training on Mondays and Thursdays
  • Track training on Wednesdays at Thames Valley Athletics Centre
  • Opportunities for any member to compete in the London-wide LUCA competitions and the national BUCS championship
  • Regular club socials including karaoke, themed parties, Christmas meals, pub crawls, awards nights, barbeques, and more!
  • Amazing new experiences (Ex. 2019 trip to Edinburgh + 2022 trip to Sheffield to compete at BUCS)
  • Finally, we want to assure you that we will provide a safe and risk-free environment for all members to train. We have registered first aiders on our committee.

Contact Us

We are super excited to welcome our new members to our Athletics family! The committee are happy to answer any questions you might have. Feel free to get in touch with us via our Instagram account, or simply drop us an email at



  • Athletics - Standard Membership (Full Year)£35.00
  • Athletics - Competitive Membership (Term Two/Three)£50.00
  • Athletics - Competitive Membership (Full Year)£90.00
  • Athletics - Competitive Membership (Term 2&3)£50.00


  • Cross-Country Top-up - Athletics 2023£28.00
  • Athletics Mens Vest 2023/24£35.00
  • Athletics Womens Vest 2023/24£35.00
  • Athletics Sports Bra 2023/24£30.00
  • Athletics Jacket (Unisex) 2023/24£50.00
Cross Country Captain
Jack Hilton
Field Captain
Amber Jeacock West
Ollie Brown
RAG & Volunteering Officer
Toby Mallett
Kaitlyn Wright
Social Secretary
Looth Abdul Sattar
Track Captain
Alwaaz Rahman
Matthew Driver
Vice President
Alwaaz Rahman
Wellbeing Secretary
Louisa Swann