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Our Royal Holloway Basketball teams are made up of a diverse group of people, who all share the aims of advancement, collective improvement, and strive to maintain team resilience. We play competitively for both the BUCS and LUSL Cups, however, for those who prefer playing basketball in a more relaxed manner, Active Sessions are held throughout the term.

Furthermore,  as a club, we are all committed to playing this highly competitive and well-known sport. Additionally, our extensive training programme combines the best of competition and community. Moreover, our fundamental ethos is participation, practising with passion and resilience to excel throughout our season. As a club, we encourage every student to step outside of their comfort zone and get involved. Irrespective of if you’ve been playing basketball for 10 years or if you’ve never stepped on the court. We want everyone to participate by honing their skills as well as acquiring new abilities on and off the court. As not only would that provide countless opportunities for the individual but would benefit the entire team, as basketball is a collaborative sport and we aspire to embrace all methods of the sport to collectively enhance and showcase our talents and strengthen our team. 

Finally, the team spirit and support you will feel during practice and during games is insurmountable. Joining the Basketball club is similar to joining a family - once you’re in, you’re in.



Purchasing a membership to our society will give you access to all of our weekly training sessions throughout the first term. Your membership fee goes towards the running of the club, including the provision of a dedicated strength and conditioning coach, the long term development of the club and training kits & equipments. As a member, you'll get the opportunity to not only represent your university but you'll also meet loads of like-minded, dedicated and awesome individuals that will become your friends for life.

Events and Activities

Our basketball club is a cohesive and welcoming group to join, with a well-balanced number of both competitive events but also friendly socials and gatherings!

Both our men and women’s team play competitively, with 2 basketball trainings a week, BUCS matches on Wednesdays and LUSL matches on Saturdays for the Women's team and Sundays for the Men's team. As a part of our club, you will get the chance to compete at Varsity and several friendly tournaments! Many club/team socials take place throughout the year such as Icebreakers, Colours Ball, Come in Your Kit, Pub Nights and many more – it’s always nice to meet up with your teammates off the court and bond over a nice meal and a couple drinks! Our basketball club is also involved in volunteering events, acting in local communities and sport days for primary school children!

Due to the coronavirus crisis, the way our basketball practices and games are going to be held remains uncertain. Basketball practices may be held slightly differently, including strength & conditioning sessions, outdoor team runs, shooting sessions, dribbling, individual drills… all trainings will be organized so social distancing is respected in all activities. Despite the difficult times, the basketball club will remain active and dynamic and ready for competitions to start again!

Socials are a time where we can bond and get to know each other as a team off court making us work better together on court. There will be weekly socials ranging from : ice breakers/pub nights , come in your kit (the main sports su event), themed socials, colours ball (university sports awards), a Christmas dinner to end first term, summer bbq with end of season awards to close out the year. Additionally we recognise that not everyone drinks that’s why alcohol is always optional at all the socials as well as having non alcohol based socials like : TopGolf, a day to Thrope park etc. We always welcome ideas an feedback for socials so that they are what you want to participate in. So please get in touch with our Instagram page to get your ideas made into actuality ! Although optional attendance is strongly encouraged.

We can’t wait to welcome you in September!

Contact Us

We are delighted to welcome new members to our Bear family. We understand if you have any questions. 

Also, there will be multiple zoom calls hosted for those who would like to join and ask questions. ( cameras will not be compulsory.) The details about the zoom meeting will be published on our social media pages so make sure you follow rhbasketball on Instagram and Royal Holloway Basketball on Facebook.



  • Basketball Standard Membership (Full Year)£250.00
  • Basketball Social Membership (Term Two)£10.00
  • Basketball Social Membership (Term One)£10.00
  • Basketball Social Membership (Full Year)£20.00
  • Basketball Standard Membership (Term One)£125.00
  • Basketball Standard Membership (Term Two)£125.00
  • Men's 2 Full Membership 2023/24£195.00
  • Men's 2nd Team Membership - Term 1 (2023/24)£97.50
  • Men's 2nd Team Membership - Term 2 (2023/24)£97.50


  • Pay-per-Play 2023£6.00
Men's Captain
Unyime Smith
Anna Jonkova
Asha Lall
Social Secretary
Bela Doolub
Martha Gaman
Vice President
Mattia Emma
Volunteering & Fundraising Secretary
Wadebe Wade
Women's Captain
Aanyah Hussain