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After being absent from water for two years due to the Pandemic, RHULBC is now back on the water at a new club, Burway BC! We will offer a range of sessions this year but mainly water rowing and indoor ‘ergo’ training. We will also offer circuit (fitness) sessions and relaxing social runs ending with a wholesome pub lunch! 

At RHULBC, we are determined to make the sessions fun, sociable and friendly. For the majority, these sessions will offer a solid grounding into the technicalities of rowing and will build on people’s fitness levels and general social confidence. There will also be opportunities for top rowers to compete in national competitions!

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We are offering three memberships this year:


Standard: members are granted four sessions a week, with two being at Burway using the river and indoor facilities and one being a morning session in RHUL’s sports hall, which will either be rowing or circuit training. Originally, we were supposed to have two sports hall sessions, but we currently do not have access to the facilities on two days. Therefore, until further notice, we have opted for a social run, with an opportunity for a pub lunch at the end.

This is paid in two instalments of £150 (term 1), £250 (terms 2&3), totalling £400 for the 22/23 year. *NOTE: members who decide to drop out in term 3 will get a £50 refund.


Coxing: members will receive cox training at Burway but won’t be able to row during these sessions. However, members will be able to participate in indoor rowing in the sports hall at RHUL and in social runs.

Paid in two instalments of £60 (term 1) and £60 (terms 2&3), totalling £120 for the 22/23 year.


Social: As opposed to the Standard, this is for those who seek not to train but instead participate in social events such as pub nights. It is also an attractive option for those who have had an injury and can’t row but still want to support the club and fellow rowers! However, it may be difficult to switch to a Standard membership due to Burway’s capacity. Nevertheless, if you have a concern about this, please use the links below to contact the committee!  

This membership has a small fee of £10 (term 1) and £10 (terms 2&3) totalling £20 for the 22/23 year.


*KIT: infomation will be given out about kit in due course.

*NOTE: Like for other clubs, RHUL gym membership is separate.


Events and Activities

  • Several weekly training sessions 
  • Annual Varsity with the University of Surrey
  • Race calendar (to be discussed at the start of term)
  • BUCS Indoors
  • BUCS 4s and 8s Head
  • BUCS Regatta
  • Regular club socials such as pub quizzes and evenings, themed nights, SU nights, non-alcoholic socials, occasional post-training meals, and more!
  • Christmas Formal
  • Colours Ball (Sports Awards dinner)
  • Spectating at RHULBC attended races
  • The Boat Race
  • Henley Royal Regatta

All events and activities are COVID-19 permitting, with full observation and consideration of guidelines on social distancing. Similarly, numbers of members able to attend will be considered in the organisation process.



We will be offering a minibus service to events such as BUCS but we are not currently offering this to weekly sessions at Burway. However, we have listed some recommended travel options.


  • Bus: this route is quick and entails a bus ride from outside of campus to Staines followed by a bus to Abbey Drive, led by a short five-minute walk to the club. The journey is around 35 minutes:

  • Cycling: the journey can be completed in under 30 minutes: