•  Royal Holloway students can enjoy the unique experience of the 3-event tournament water skiing. Enjoy water-skiing as both a recreational activity and a competitive sport. Athletes from all ages and standards, from beginners learning for their first time to experts, will be encouraged to participate by skiing on two skis or one ski and choose from a range of water-ski styles such as slaloms, jumps, and tricks while being pulled from a boat or a cable ski installation.

  • Introduce Royal Holloway athletes to all other means of keeping afloat such as wakeboarding, barefoot, paddle boarding and dragon boat racing.

  • Member of the London’s Premier Wake, Ski & Watersports Centre; “JBSki club” which is an ideal opportunity for Royal Holloway athletes’ weekly training since it belongs to the network of affiliated clubs and accredited sites across the UK and is located in Thorpe Road Chertsey Surrey, just 10 minutes’ drive away from our campus. (More information: http://jbski.com/ )

  • As a member of JBSki Club, our team will enjoy a set of privileges such as reduced price wakeboard and water-ski sessions, member’s only competitions and prize giveaways.

  • Participate in water-ski tournaments such as JBSki Evening Slalom or DYL Rowlands Memorial Multi.

  • Member of the “British Water Ski and Wakeboard” Federation, the only recognised voice speaking for Water Skiing and Wakeboarding in the UK, which will provide our club with useful information such as water-sport news, events, competitions, tournaments, water-sport clubs for training and safeguarding. (More information: http://www.bwsw.org.uk/home/ )

  • Organised annual Water-Sport Trip in the summer. First goal trip is the most popular wakeboard and waterski camp of Europe, situated on a stunning lake in the heart of Andalucia, Spain. We have already contacted the camp; Xtreme Gene and they offer the following deal; Waterski Package: 785 € (for Waterski and Wakeboard), 6 Nights accommodation in lakeside log cabins with breakfast and 5 days on the water, arrive Sunday leave Saturday, 3 sets a day for 5 days (more information:

    http://www.xtreme-gene.com/about-us/ )

  • Discover the benefits of interacting with nature and water while water-skiing on the lakes and enjoying the breath-taking views of the natural habitats. 


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Student Opportunities

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