academic Rep Conference.

30 January 2019 // 12:30 - 17:00 // Windsor Building

It’s the biggest event in the academic rep calendar and this year, we’ve got more free stuff than ever before.

This year, we’re focusing on how we can make provision on campus a more equal affair with spotlights on the Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority (BAME) Attainment Gap and commuting students. We want attendees to input their experiences, learn how to be an ally and leave feeling empowered to help make our campus a more equal place.

Students who attend at least two workshops will also be eligible for £10 in printing credits for attending (you'll need to remember to sign the registration sheets for each session!).

An Introduction from Jack O’Neill, VP Education

Higher Education simply cannot seem to escape the spotlight.

Following a recent trend wherein Higher Education faces an eventful year, this year is no different – both nationally and locally.

In the not too distant future, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) will be releasing a ruling regarding the future of student finance. This has the potential to completely change the landscape of how the loan system works for students. It is expected that this will be released in December, detailing how student loans should appear in public finance and potentially changing how and why people access university.

Add into the mix a glaring problem of inequality once at university, with attainment gaps for BAME students nationally at 16%, locally 19%, and you’re looking at a big problem with equality and access to higher education.

Throughout the year, as your Students’ Union, we work alongside you in order to represent all students and your academic interests; the Academic Rep Conference provides an ideal time to amplify this for you.

This year involves the planning for the academic restructure that is set to take place at Royal Holloway – a move away from the Faculty model into Schools, with the aim of creating parity and clarity for the student experience. We’re also working to make sure that commuting student needs are met, carrying out internal research into where campus could be made better for a growing population of students who don’t live in the local area. We’re also involved in a national research framework, headed up by The Student Engagement Partnership, to change experiences on campus for BAME students.

I hope that this conference is able to provide a platform for considerations both on the national and local level as well as enriching your awareness and involvement in key themes within Higher Education.

Enjoy the workshops on offer, get involved in discussions and I hope that you both enjoy this experience and feel motivated to continue your involvement in the debate around Higher Education – one that continues to evolve.

I hope to see you there!