academic Rep Conference.

29 January 2020 // 12:30 - 17:00 // Windsor Building

It’s finally here – the biggest event of the academic rep calendar!

On 29 January this year, we’re shining the spotlight on Inclusive Education. We want to give you the opportunity to share your experiences and generate ideas on how we can make education equal for all. There are loads of workshops on offer that will help you learn how to effectively lead and represent others, as well as understand the big issues at Royal Holloway and in Higher Education. We’re also providing a variety of fun and thought-provoking activities and hosting guest speakers! If you’re passionate about your education and making positive change, this isn’t one to miss.

Find the workshop descriptions here and don’t forget to sign in when you arrive!



>> An Introduction from Kate Roberts, VP Education

University ought to be a place where every single student has an equal chance to succeed. Higher education should be a transformative experience that helps students grow as people and become experts in their field. However, we know that this system often favours some students over others because of their backgrounds and different identities.

The statistics tell us that Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) students do not achieve as highly as white students when it comes to their degree grades, even when all extenuating factors are accounted for. This is called the ‘attainment gap’ or ‘awarding gap’ and at Royal Holloway it stands at 15%. You’ve also told us about the things you experience on campus, such as microaggressions, a lack of role models and a curriculum that lacks diversity.

As VP Education, my role is representing your academic interests by working on campaigns aimed at improving your educational experience and lobbying the College to make important changes. My Inclusive Education campaign, launching on 27 January, aims to raise awareness and lobby for change to make campus a more equal space for everybody. Academic Rep Conference is the flagship event of the week-long campaign and will give you a space to share your experience and get involved in discussions about the changes you want to see.  There’ll be workshops on campaigning, mental health, confidence-building, liberating the curriculum and more – I hope you’ll take this opportunity to get involved in being at the forefront of making change on campus.