We know that academic reps do great stuff across campus and we want to reward you for doing the things that you do. You’ll receive a certificate at the end of your rep journey, but there’s lots of other ways we reward you throughout the year too.

Your impact

Your Impact is the first step of being recognised for your work – if we don’t know what you’ve been up to, we can’t reward you! Tell us about anything you’ve been up to – whether it’s sending an email to your Head of Department, arranging an event for students or attending a committee meeting, we want to hear about anything and everything. Share your impact here!

rep impact updates

We regularly collate Your Impact submissions into big Rep Impact Updates for the website, so every single student can share in your successes. We love to shout about what you’ve been doing! Check out the 2019/20 update here! 

rep of the month

This is the big one! Every month, the Officers look at the Impacts you’ve submitted to see which ones really stand out. There is one criteria for winning submissions:

All nominations must clearly demonstrate that the actions of the nominee have made a positive impact on student life at Royal Holloway, University of London and, in doing so, have embodied the values of RHSU and RHUL.

You’ll receive a special certificate, an exclusive interview featured on the website and, of course, bragging rights for your CV.

Good luck – there can only be one!